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Philips Lighting for the Nanjing cattle to build Zen landscape

Jul 07, 2017

Recently, the global lighting leader Philips Lighting announced that the use of more than 40,000 sets of LED products for the Nanjing cattle first mountain Zen landscape to create a rich and varied lighting and indoor lighting effect.


Niu Shoushan, also known as Tian Que Hill, located in the south of Nanjing, is the "second five" cultural heritage heritage of major projects. The lighting by the Philips lighting decoration Zen scenery project is an important part of Niu Shoushan cultural sites. Located in the temple of the temple of the Buddhist temple large area of more than 6000 square meters, was oval, yellow, white, gray three-tone tone. By the Buddha was born, enlightenment Zen garden and the middle of the lotus theater composed of three parts, showing the Buddha's life traces. Philips lighting using artificial lighting and natural light combination of the way to simulate the natural changes in the sky, creating a mysterious mysterious light and shadow.

led lamps.jpg

The top of the Zen statue is the shroud dome, the pattern comes from the Buddha's Nirvana when the Saul tree twigs. By assembling the Philips StripIII RGB ETO series of cast light fixtures and a megapixel Philips iColor Flex MX gen2, the Saul dome can create different lighting scenes including morning, sun, moon and moonlight. And when the lotus theater on the emergence of Buddhist rituals, performances, the shadows of the interpretation of the lighting effect of the more able to create a rich emotional changes in light and shadow. Whether it is twilight twilight or natural changes can be achieved in a short time. Moreover, the dome light can also touch the Buddha star Nirvana scene.


Through the introduction of a variety of lighting combinations, Philips Lighting for the Nanjing cattle first mountain Zen landscape to create a unique Buddhist holy territory. Not only to tourists, believers bring immersion scene experience, feel the Buddha Zen taste, it is a Buddhist architectural lighting design on the cross-border attempt and innovation.

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