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2017 the first half of the LED ring expansion to increase capital events

Jul 07, 2017

Time flies, the blink of an eye 2017 years past half. Looking back at the first half, led circle is wonderful constantly, in the market gradually back to the temperature of the big environment, led big coffee to the industry development, large investment expansion. Then please come along with the online June to see the expansion of the big increase in capital events ...

♦ Total investment 2 billion! Easy US-core light LED device module project settled in Nanchang

June 30, in Nanchang investment to attract major industrial projects in the signing ceremony, as Jiangxi Province and Nanchang focus on the introduction of innovative High-tech enterprises, the core light, was invited to participate in the signing activities. At the meeting, the two sides reached cooperation, easy-core light will be its high-quality led Device module project in Nanchang High-tech zone, the total investment is expected to 2 billion, the first phase of the proposed 300 packaging and module line, up to the postpartum is expected to bring new annual value of 1 billion yuan.

Easy-core light in North China led innovation Enterprises, is a high-quality led devices and modules of the well-known brands, in the Beijing Economic and technological Development zone set up a LED research and development and production base. Fan, president of easy-core light, said, "the company to the high-tech zone to increase capital expansion, will form a double base in Beijing and Nanchang, the use of Beijing's research and development and international advantages, combined with Nanchang's regional advantages and industrial advantages, to accelerate the expansion of the easy-core light quality LED packaging devices and module components of the production scale to meet the domestic and foreign general lighting, special lighting and display applications and other customers to the company's high-quality products rapidly increasing demand Yi-Mei-core light will also be a global partner to participate in the "Nanchang Optics Valley" construction, through continuous innovation and industry landing, for the Nanchang industrial economy to accumulate strong development stamina. ”

♦ Mega-shares over 1.5 billion to build led wafer & chip projects

June 30, Siu Chi shares issued a notice that the contribution is not less than RMB 1.5 billion and not more than 1.6 billion yuan, in the Nanchang High-tech Development Zone investment in building led wafer and chip production projects. Phase A project is scheduled to be installed and debugged in 2018 and formally put into operation. After the project company officially put into operation, the company is expected to increase the production value of the whole industry chain of the company to about 607 billion yuan.

♦ New LED Dragon factory built in Chuzhou

April, the Taiwan-led vertical integration plant Longda Electronics announced with the mainland of Anhui Province Chuzhou government signed an investment agreement, long Tatsu will be in Anhui Chuzhou "Su Chu Modern industrial park" led one-stop investment projects, the LED investment case covers an area of 120,000 square meters, is expected to be the end of this year, and in 2019 production, the future recruitment of about 3000 employees.

♦ Osram Capital Construction project of Wuxi base phase two

April 19, Osram held a Wuxi factory two project to increase capital expansion of the signing ceremony. It is reported that the project is expected to start construction in August this year and put into operation early in 2019. The project plans to introduce a new high automation production line, a new 22000 square meters clean plant, new packaging testing equipment investment of 195 million euros, new sales revenue of 210 million euros, more than 2000 new jobs.

♦ Photoelectric expansion of the production of red, yellow LED chips, etc., the total investment of more than 700 million!

Dry Photoelectric May 8 notice, the company intends to invest 73,658.810,000 Yuan, for the implementation of red, yellow LED chip and three-knot gallium arsenide solar cell expansion, the main input equipment for 20 units of four Yuan MOCVD epitaxy furnace and the corresponding chip production equipment. It is estimated that the annual sales of the expansion project is expected to reach 54,900.46 yuan, annual sales income of 46,923.470,000 Yuan.

♦ China Starlight Electric Expansion display device project

March 13, the National Starlight Bulletin said, combined with the LED packaging market judgment and existing customer order requirements, the company will invest no more than RMB 200 million to the company's display device project expansion. Expansion project Construction Cycle is March 2017-July 2017.

♦ $200 million! San an optoelectronics company set three wholly-owned Sun Co.

May 22, three photoelectric notice revealed that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to own monetary capital of 10 million U.S. dollars in the United States set up wholly-owned subsidiaries, mainly engaged in optical communications research and development, production and sales. At the same time, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen City Integration will also be in its own currency capital of 20 million U.S. dollars to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, mainly engaged in filter research and development, production and sales, and Hong Kong companies will be established in Hong Kong as the investment subject, in accordance with Japan's relevant laws and regulations in Japan in its own currency capital of 90 million yen set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, mainly engaged in research and development of compound semiconductors.

In addition, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is also intended to own monetary capital of 10 million yuan in Xiamen to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Gas Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the development of special gases, production and sales.

♦ Ebbison 200 million replenishment subsidiary

May 23, Ebbison announced that in order to enhance the capital strength of the wholly-owned subsidiary of Huizhou Ebbison, optimize its assets and liabilities structure, promote its benign operation and sustainable development, the company's own capital of 200 million yuan to Huizhou Ebbison to increase capital. After the completion of this increase, Huizhou Ebbison registered capital from 30 million yuan to 230 million yuan.

♦ 4.9 million dollars! Linsen set up a joint venture to expand the Americas market

March 21, Linsen announced that the company will contribute 4.9 million U.S. dollars and SPV jointly set up global value Lighting Limited liability company, the new company named Global Value Lighting LLC. The Linsen share is 49%, and the SPV is 51%. In addition, in this transaction, Linsen will acquire a preferred stock of SPV. The future business scope is in North America and South America to own brand LED lighting products promotion, sales and distribution, as well as to the store and business customers to provide services.

♦ Chau Ming Technology 1.7 million US $ two subsidiary

March 15, Chau Ming Science and Technology bulletin shows that in order to further expand overseas markets, enhance the company's after-sales service capacity in overseas markets, the company intends to own capital of 900,000 U.S. dollars and 800,000 U.S. dollars to the wholly-owned subsidiary of Chau Ming Technology Florida State Limited liability company and Chau Ming (Holland) limited to increase capital. After the replenishment was completed, the registered capital of the state of Florida was increased from $100,000 to $1 million, and the registered capital of the state-owned Netherlands increased from $200,000 to $1 million.

♦ Snow Wright set up a joint venture company, a subsidiary to set up a new energy company

April 7, Snow Wright for the integration of superior resources, the development of Europe and the United States lighting market, expand the scale of overseas sales, and Shenzhen billion photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Joint venture agreement" to jointly invest in the establishment of the joint venture company Shenzhen Snow Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The new company registered capital of 10 million yuan, of which Snow Wright in cash contribution of 5.1 million yuan, accounted for 51% of registered capital. The joint venture company's business scope includes: LED small spacing full series of special device production, research and development and sales, all kinds of lighting products and display sales.

After the April 10, Snow Wright again issued a notice that the company's subsidiary Fushun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. To set up 68 million yuan Anhui Fushun New Energy Technology Ltd., to better explore the Anhui and Zhejiang area of Intelligent street lamp and charging pile business, improve the company's corresponding products market share, to enhance the company's sales scale of corresponding products.

♦ ao Tuo electronics 60.9 million yuan to increase the capital hundred FAI Illumination

April 26, the Austrian Billiton Electronic Bulletin said that the company used part of the fund to raise capital to the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen City Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. 6,090.130,000 yuan, of which 4,876.0 Yuan into the thousands of Hui registered capital, the remaining 1,214.130,000 yuan into the thousands of Hui capital accumulation. After the completion of this increase, the million-Hui registered capital will be 5,130.0 yuan to 10,006.0 yuan, its shareholding structure unchanged, the company will still hold its 100% stake.

♦ Sunshine lighting 47.5 million yuan to increase the subsidiary

Sunshine Lighting May issued a notice that in support of the company's holding subsidiaries in Zhejiang United States and Canada's business development, to enhance the market competitiveness of the United States and Canada, the company intends to and Mr.

♦ million-run technology invested 10 million yuan to set up wholly-owned subsidiary

Wan Run Technology January 16 notice, the company holding subsidiaries Shenzhen million run Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. Beijing Wan run Sunshine Energy Management Co., Ltd. To further expand the industrial layout, cultivate new profit growth point, enhance profitability, the proposed self-financing RMB 10 million yuan investment set up a wholly owned subsidiary Kunming Valiant Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd., layout new energy vehicle charging infrastructure market.