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India plans to build hundreds of smart cities, and intelligent interconnected lighting opportunities emerge

Jul 10, 2017

According to Indian media June 23, the Indian Council of Intelligent Cities in the third round of the election of 30 new intelligent city, including the Thiruvananthapuram, Nayaraibur (Naya Raipur), Raj (Rajkot), Amrawati (Amravati), Bart (Patna) and Srinagar (Srinagar), etc., so that the total number of India's intelligent city has risen to 90.

New list of 30 cities and their states


In addition, Gandhi (Gandhinaga), Mouzafarbourg (Muzaffarpur), Carnard (Karnal), Thirunervilli (Tirunelveli) and Gangtok (Gangtok) also became part of the Indian intellectual city.


In 2015, India's prime minister, Modi, proposed a "smart city" strategy, which plans to build 100 smart cities across India, and the government will provide basic infrastructure for smart cities, public transport, Internet connectivity and e-government system, and so on, hope to combine the infrastructure renovation, urban planning, and a variety of advanced technology to build a model city for India's future, encourage public-private partnership mode (PPP), financial companies and IT services companies to participate in the program.


The new group of 30 smart cities is selected from 45 elected cities, with a total investment of 5739. 300 million rupees. 4687 of them. 900 million rupees for the development of core infrastructure, 1051. 400 million rupees for technical development projects.


At the same time, the Indian government has launched the "Livable Index of the city", using 79 indices to monitor the development of cities and address the gap area.


The goal of the Indian central government to set up a smart City committee is to build 100 of smart cities in the country, which are chosen by the challenge.


The remaining 10 cities will be selected in 20 cities, such as Itanagar (Itanagar), Meerut (Meerut), British Parr (Imphal) and Haldia (Haldia).


According to India's social development, the Indian government has decided to launch a "smart city" project to provide citizens with better quality of life and a clean, sustainable environment, and to support the application of intelligent solutions. It is speculated that India's "smart city" market in the next five years of business opportunities will reach $450 to $50 billion. Among them, the first phase of the start-up of electronic equipment business will provide suppliers with 22 million to $25 million of business opportunities.


India's "Smart city" program has won the support of the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea and other countries. As a developing country and emerging market countries, China and India have broad cooperation space in technology, finance, business environment and new infrastructure construction, and the space and possibility of cooperation in intelligent cities are enormous.


Intelligent lighting is a very important part of the construction system of smart city, so the investment of the plan will help to pull the demand of the intelligent lighting market, which is undoubtedly a good news for the enterprises involved in LED intelligent lighting.


Global technology giants Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and Cisco have been betting on the smart Cities project in India for $50 billion over the next five years, the Indian Economic Times reported April 22.