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Zhongke biological plant plant cultivation module sold to the United States

Jul 11, 2017

Not long ago, Fujian Province Branch Branch Co., Ltd. produced 1,000 sets of worth $ 2 million plant plant cultivation module equipment shipped from Xiamen to the United States, which is the first domestic export plant plant cultivation module equipment, these devices will be used Set up a "plant factory".

In 2015, San An Optoelectronics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly funded the formation of Fujian Province Branch Branch Biological Co., Ltd., the current base of a building area of 10,000 square meters of plant has been put into use. With 10,000 square meters of construction area, the scale of the production of biological resources in Asia is the most, it can now supply a few tons of vegetables. "Plant factory" workshop from the old factory transformation, it is more like a sterile workshop for the production of food, the difference is that this workshop is the production of vegetables, there are thread and other medicinal plants.

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The plant plant cultivation module is used to control the plant's growth environment, such as the proportion of light and nutrient solution formulations. Here, the "light recipe" is not a fresh noun, as the name implies, it can be different according to the different needs of plants, targeted to configure different light, these light instead of the sun on the photosynthesis of plants, nutrient solution is replaced by the soil. Nutritional solution is also the magical effect, it can be based on the needs of the human body, fed to the appropriate formula, so that "plant factory" produced vegetables into "functional vegetables."


Reporters learned from the biology company, in the first batch of equipment exports to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and other countries also "plant factory" showed a strong interest, more in-depth cooperation is now in negotiations. In the country, following the industrial base of the lake head, the "plant factory" in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other first-tier cities in the industrial layout has been put on the agenda, the total investment is expected to reach 7 billion yuan.

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It has been reported that after the visit of the US team, the staff expressed the desire to order - they believe that under the same conditions, "plant factory" products more cost-effective. At present, the project has completed the establishment of overseas enterprises, and foreign companies to achieve production module sales and related business acquisition agreement.


In the three-optoelectronics, the planting of plant equipment and the export of "plant factory" the successful production, the same milestone, it marks the three optical industry in the deep and stronger industrial chain has taken an important step.


"Plant factory" boost industry transformation


Fujian San'an Group for China's optoelectronic industry to do a strong industrial chain to provide a successful model - the traditional iron and steel industry started, the transformation of photovoltaic industry, the domestic optoelectronics industry leading enterprises, and now, with the deep accumulation of photovoltaic industry, San An Group first force integrated circuits and high-end chip industry, and extend the photoelectric industry chain, opened a "plant factory."


In the "plant plant" of Zhongke Biology, the light formula, plant cultivation technology and nutrient solution are the core competencies. San'an optoelectronics to master the cutting edge of the technology, the Chinese Academy of plants plant cultivation technology is strong technical force. Sanxian Group Chairman Lin Xiucheng said in an interview with reporters, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has plant cultivation techniques, Sanan has a light recipe production technology, the two together in the country to build "plant factory" the best partner.

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San An Group to do deep and strong behind the photoelectric industry chain, is a strong technical support. San An photoelectric is the leading domestic photoelectric industry enterprises, but also the most complete domestic industrial chain photoelectric enterprises. Public information display, the current domestic LED lighting, the three optical market share of more than 68%, while more than 80% of the LED lights using the three optical chip.


The formation of industrial high point can not be separated from the strong technical force. According to Lin Xiucheng introduction, San An Optoelectronics currently has more than 1,000 experts, in the "plant factory" project resident in the Chinese Academy of Sciences experts have more than 20, and there are hundreds of mobile experts, they almost cover all the domestic agricultural areas Experts.

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"Plant factory" Hutou industrial base of the successful mass production, has brought a multi-win. According to reports, the Division has been successfully tested in the species of species reached more than 200 species, currently in the species of more than 20, including fruits and vegetables and rare medicinal plants. In accordance with the Branch of biological industry planning, the future will also extend to the downstream products of deep processing areas. In the future health industry in the layout of the future, is expected to become a local industrial transformation and upgrading of the booster.

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Anxi CPPCC members, general manager of Zhongke Bi Zhan said Anxi in Tieguanyin cultivation, production technology and deep processing industry, has accumulated a wealth of experience, which is relying on the tea industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of laid the foundation, you can plant tea Gradually shift to healthy food and biomedical use of raw materials cultivation, thereby changing Anxi single economic development model, bigger and stronger health industry.