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What is the prospect of healthy lighting?

Jul 11, 2017

Now, A large number of traditional enterprises are facing a decline in profit margins, all kinds of rising costs, lack of innovation and other issues. The new economic growth point is not much, economic growth is facing a greater downward pressure, the overall efficiency of the manufacturing industry level is not high, the environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, independent innovation capacity is not strong and other issues, industrial transformation and upgrading long way to go. Its main performance in three areas:


1, enterprise elimination rate increased year by year


To Foshan Xinhua IQ EMBA students Association, for example, since the establishment of 3,000 entrepreneurs to participate in learning, after time polished, the market competition out, the remaining 1/2 of the enterprise survival


2, the transformation of the world lighting giant


Such as OSRAM, Philips and other enterprises to sell lighting part of the GE, Samsung is out of the Chinese lighting market, multinational companies have a major strategic change, all that profits are gradually declining, multinational companies in the transformation and upgrading


3, the local traditional small and medium lighting bottleneck


Such as Lake, Wei Feng, a product has been brilliant small and medium enterprises, closed down in an instant


In my opinion, product design people-oriented, people to health-based. For the people, can not do without a variety of needs, but also need to pay attention to detail and emphasis on health, the most critical elements to meet the physical and spiritual health needs. Such as sunshine, air, and water is the most basic elements of human survival, the health industry will be the next decade, or even 20 years China's largest economic growth point. Its performance in the following 2 points:


1, such as Guangdong Tianan New Materials Co., Ltd. green materials, each year to 30% to 50% of the rapid development of a good proof of the green health industry development vigorous vitality;


2, Zhonghao photoelectric high-end chip package from millions of hundreds of millions of output value, indicating that the health of the chip will replace the traditional lighting chip, the product from the energy-saving licensing, environmental licensing to fight science and technology and health card.


Future health industry prospects. Such as the lighting market, from environmental protection, energy-saving products to see the market has become saturated, from the health to see the market is a blue ocean, Nobel laurel Zhongcun Xiu in December last year in Fudan University

speech, proposed the first generation of LED products Blu-ray hazards, serious and even lead to cancer, and most of the current market is the prevalence of this problem, including government buildings, banks, and even hospitals, schools, families. So the health-oriented, the market will re-shuffle and force.

led lighting..jpg

The Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital 301 Hospital Gu Ying academician came to Foshan, she pointed out that the country has been light therapy instead of drug therapy rose to national strategy, healthy light market contains healthy light, light care, light treatment, and light detection, development space is very huge. Such as the development of light therapy clothes, hats, shoes, furniture, ceramics and other cross-border cooperation, can help a large number of traditional enterprises to transform into high-tech enterprises.




In this hope that the colleagues in the lighting industry work together to enable enterprises to understand the importance of the health industry to help more enterprises to the health industry transformation, through cross-border cooperation or school-enterprise cooperation to find a new opportunity for business success.