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LED plant lighting non-mainstream "growth"

Jul 11, 2017

Today, in the ever-changing technology, modern social environment, LED lighting is widely used in interior design, urban landscape lighting, museum lighting and other fields, LED plant lighting also "seek" shelter, and "non-mainstream "Gesture" growth ", lighting the plant cultivation space. Guangzhou International Lighting Fair this year there are many companies on display LED plant lighting products, plant lighting applications LED lighting has become one of the direction of development.

The lighting giant has already embarked on the layout of LED plant lighting field, the first to take advantage of Philips in 2016 Philips Lighting in the Netherlands Eindhoven to establish LED plant lighting factory growwise center. The center focuses on horticulture and vertical agriculture, studying the development of food crops. Development so far, Philips in the field of plant lighting has been covered by vegetables and fruits, flower production, nursery and so on. It is reported that the Netherlands Philips Lighting is intended for the Russian greenhouse agricultural cultivation company LLC Agro-Invest supply LED plant growth lights for greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers, greenhouse area of about 25 hectares (about the equivalent of 40 football). Philips Lighting said the project is the largest plant lighting project they are undertaking, and the lights supplied will help plants grow throughout the year and increase production, especially in the winter. Compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps, their LED plant growth lamps can save about 50% of the energy costs.

In recent years, OSRAM has also entered the field of plant lighting, a detailed layout, and this year's Philadelphia exhibition held in the United States to show a healthy plant to promote the growth of LED prototype: Oslon Square Hyper Red, higher light output, corrosion resistance Outstanding. Therefore, the use of Oslon Square Hyper Red plant lighting system has a very high price. This high-power LED integrated chip is larger, has a higher radiation flux, for commercial greenhouse plant lighting to provide excellent efficiency. This high-power LED prototype integrates a 2mm 2 chip, the performance is even better. Developers using the latest technology, the current of 700 mA, operating temperature of 25 ℃, the typical radiation power can reach 905mW, radiation efficiency can reach 60%. This means that compared with the current Oslon SSL,

radiation power increased by 13%, radiation efficiency increased by 25%. Oslon Square Hyper Red has a beam angle of 120 °.

Many lighting companies fancy plant lighting market, Hongli Zhihui also actively layout LED plant lighting, and in October 2016 successfully boosted the Shanghai Plant Lighting Forum held. It is understood that green plant lighting is the development of LED lighting in another piece of "blue ocean", is expected to 2018, LED plant lighting field will reach billions of industry scale. In recent years, Hongli Zhihui is also actively positioning the field of plant lighting market segments. Its independent research and development of the C3535 series of products, with full band, high power, high reliability, design flexibility and other characteristics, is the preferred light source for plant lighting.

Light sub-show on the plant lighting demand increased significantly


Following Philips, OSRAM, billion photoelectron, Ai Di Sen, CREE and other enterprises also began to tap the field of plant lighting market.


Evergreen Electronics said that from the current domestic plant lighting market development situation, the demand is still mass production-based products, and this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Show a full range of agricultural LEDs, including various sizes of high power, Low-power products to meet the needs of various plants in different growth environments, hoping to achieve maximum plant growth and energy conservation goals. A series of different power products for plant lighting, covering the full PAR 450nm ~ 730nm, according to different power can be divided into high-power ceramic SHWO 3535, medium power 3030, low power 2835.


(TM-30), filament lamp series products and plant lighting technology, to create LED lighting kingdom. It is a new generation of color technology (TM-30), filament lamp series products and plant lighting technology. Aidi Sen photoelectric display of plant lighting products, help to enhance plant photosynthesis effect, enhance crop growth quality, increase the amount of harvest. The reliability of the lamps produced by the ppf high, but also can save energy and reduce the replacement rate of lamps.

In addition to Addison, CREE also showcases a range of LEDs for outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting and plant lighting. The new XLamp XP-G3RoyalBlue LED compared to the industry similar size LED, the new XP-G3 LED maximum lumen output doubled, electro-optical conversion efficiency (WPE, Wall-plug Efficiency) break to 81%. The latest plant lighting products have been optimized, but also help lighting manufacturers to LED plant lighting program to mainstream applications.


In addition, the photoelectric photoelectric also increased in the field of plant lighting chips, showing the production of agricultural series of related lighting products.


Thoughts on Future Development of Plant Lighting


Leading enterprises to the field of plant lighting lighting product development and production, is now the development of social science and technology and people's living standards generall。

improve the quality of life requirements are also improved. Organic vegetables are increasingly recognized, this concept of consumption to ensure that the consumption of plant cultivation space, to increase planting and speed up the growing demand for planting. Plant lighting products have obvious advantages, by reducing the consumption of lighting products, change the wavelength and power advantages, to plant growth space more benign lighting environment, speed up plant growth, reduce crop diseases and pests.


But how to ensure that the needs of the market worthy of the future business in the plant lighting market to think. The development of anything is both positive and negative, the plant lighting market is not a sudden short-term market, need to slowly dig, but in the development process will face bottlenecks. First of all, the high cost of cultivation has been the plant industry is difficult to break out in the short term an important reason, which, at present, most plant plants to take products high-end, brand strategy, hope that through high-end product positioning and value premium, to offset High production costs. However, there is not yet a breakthrough in the reality of the reality that the high-end line is not a good way to solve the bottleneck of the development of the industry.

led grow plant lighting..jpg

OSRAM scene lighting


Under the scientific and technological progress, to provide favorable conditions for agricultural production, but the fruit and vegetable market competition pressure is also expanding, at a time when the summer fruit and vegetable season, it is the best time to sell, but still most of the recent reports, Farmers farmers have poor sales of fruits and vegetables, farmers said the market is not optimistic, onions, beans and other vegetables there is a slow-moving problem, resulting in a straight line of vegetable prices, vegetable prices have been difficult to offset the cost of the original hired farmers, had to destroy, "vegetables cheap" The damage to the interests of farmers.


Such a large amount of capital losses led to the producers of science and technology will reduce the amount of high planting costs have been considered the plant industry is difficult to break out in the short term important reason,


In this regard, most of the plant has been adopted high-end products, brand strategy, hope that through high-end product positioning and value premium, to offset the high cost of production. But there is not yet a breakthrough in the reality of the reality that the high-end line is not a good way to solve the bottleneck of the development of the industry.


From the lighting business itself, the use of advantages to deal with bottlenecks should have independent development strategy, the yield and quality of a substantial increase in order to obtain more economic benefits. The face of the entire economic environment, plant lighting market specific to what attitude to continue in the lighting market accounted for a good momentum, is every lighting business and designers to think deeply.