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Questionnaire: Trends in the lighting market

Jul 11, 2017

Over the past year, LED lighting in the lighting market much attention. Although the LED lighting boom has been slightly cool, but the new driving force has been in the market, to promote the lighting industry towards a more environmentally friendly and intelligent direction.


The world's major markets have been banned most of the incandescent, prompting consumers to find environmentally friendly alternatives, lighting industry that this will benefit LED product sales. Consumers need to replace the old lighting products, especially indoor lighting, will also drive the market demand. Intelligent technology for the development of the lighting industry still play an important role.


During the Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair (Spring Festival), the HKTDC Research Department visited 234 buyers and 139 exhibitors in the form of questionnaires to understand the market prospects of the market and the trend of the lighting market in the coming year. view.


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2017 market outlook optimistic 

Respondents and exhibitors are generally optimistic about the outlook for the 2017 lighting market. Their views are roughly the same as those held at the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair (Autumn Light Show) in October 2016. 40% of the respondents and 62% of the surveyed exhibitors expect sales to increase in 2017, with only 4% of the respondents and 8% of the respondents interviewed.

The surveyed lighting industry believes that the growth prospects of overseas markets in 2017 are robust, with all markets scoring more than three points in the neutral level (from 1 to 5). Mainland China surpassed North America and Western Europe, becoming the most growth potential market in 2017, earning 3.65 points. The industry's confidence in emerging markets has increased, compared with the previous lighting show, all non-traditional markets were higher scores, such as the ASEAN countries won 3.44 points, Latin America won 3.37 points, the Middle East won 3.36 points, Eastern Europe received 3.33 Points, India scored 3.29 points. North America and Western Europe is still the best market in the traditional market, with 3.6 points and 3.57 points respectively.

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LED lighting boom cooling 

Over the past year, LED and environmental lighting in the lighting market is popular, but this year is expected to increase sales or will slow down. Only 18% of respondents believe that LED and environmentally friendly lighting is the largest growth in 2017 product categories, and in October 2016 autumn light show holding this view the proportion of respondents is as high as 40%. LED lighting boom, the lighting accessories and parts category is expected to become the largest growth potential of this year's product categories, about 38% of respondents believe that 2017 sales of such products the largest increase in the last exhibition only 6% Respondents hold this opinion.


Lamps need to replace the oldest indoor lighting benefit LED product prices, both energy saving and longer life advantages, used to replace the existing lighting is very appropriate, which will help promote LED product sales. Nearly half of the respondents (48%) said that in the next two years, in this replacement lighting needs, indoor home lighting will be the biggest benefit category, followed by indoor office and commercial lighting (42%). Other lighting categories such as outdoor lighting (except signboards and advertising fixtures) (25%) and indoor industrial lighting (23%) are expected to benefit to a certain extent.

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