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Shuffle over! LED industry to lose the burden of light, to meet a new round of growth

Jul 11, 2017

If the industry boom of the last one years depends on the supply-side drive, the next stage of industry growth depends on demand-led, from lighting to display, are ushered in a new product and technology, to stimulate a broader demand.

Since the second half of 2016, the chip-end productivity tension has created the LED industry chain continued to maintain a high boom, due to two aspects:

One is 2010-2011 years of expansion of a large number of MOCVD machine because of inefficient and gradually be eliminated, the new machine capacity has not yet released the whole industry production capacity tension;

Second, in recent years, the government withdrew the subsidy from the MOCVD machine station, which led to the small and medium-sized chip factory that had not strong hematopoiesis ability to exit the market and reduced the industry capacity.

Industry to lose the burden of light, to meet a new round of growth.

The reason is:

1, the overall production capacity to the mainland transfer trend has been fixed. Chinese manufacturers face not just the domestic market. We should look at the industry and the growth of enterprises in the international market.

2, the trend of concentration increase from upstream to downstream spread, each link head manufacturers will benefit, growth is superior to the industry average level.

3, downstream demand continued strong, exceeding market expectations.

If the industry boom of the last one years depends on the supply-side drive, the next stage of industry growth depends on demand-led, from lighting to display, are ushered in a new product and technology, to stimulate a broader demand.

Japanese factory actively grabbed micro LED display technology

AMOLED (Active organic light-emitting diode) as Apple (AAPL) will launch an OLED version of the market is popular and red, but because the Han factory Samsung Display (SDC) exclusive Global 95% market, make the Japanese factory not outdone actively rob into micro LED display technology, Apple also do not want to let Samsung dominate, is developing micro LED application in small and medium-sized display.

Micro LED is expected to become the panel market ambush, because micro LED will micron RGB three primary colors led chips to high-density lei crystal on the substrate, from a single chip to do the painting (pixel) to form a high-density matrix picture, can effectively replace the LCD CF and OLED light-emitting materials.

As LED light-emitting components in the stability and efficiency of excellent performance, superior to OLED, coupled with the chip price decline and technological development progress, making micro led with the development of the basis.

However, due to the current technical threshold is still high, although micro led in the process and cost of OLED has advantages, however, the practical application of the door is still quite high, blue-green LED chip is gallium nitride in sapphire substrate, so both can be produced at the same time, and red LED chip is gallium arsenide substrate, so integrated RGB chip is not easy.

It is estimated that the micro LED will not be commercially available until at least 2020, although technology still has difficulties, but because the Taiwan factory has lost the opportunity in the OLED technology competition, the industry hopes to rely on micro led to regain the market's right to serve.

Rui Feng Photoelectric and deep venture investment signing strategic cooperation

Rui Feng Photoelectric and Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed the "Strategic cooperation Framework Agreement", the two sides based on good faith and friendly, common development of the principle of the Rui Feng Optoelectronics industry integration and other strategic development direction to reach a cooperative intention.

According to the agreement, the two sides use their respective advantages, Rifeng based on the financing advantages of the capital platform of the listed companies and the deep grasp of the LED related industries and industrial chains; deep venture investment in private equity investments in the professional, experience and channels, each other to provide equity investment, mergers and acquisitions reorganization, industry integration Services.

Based on the mutual recognition of the future development trend of LED industry, both sides plan to focus on industrial integration in the following areas:

1, to seek the global LED lighting industry restructuring opportunities, with the help of both industries and capital leverage in the global scope to seek investment mergers and acquisitions opportunities, enhance the competitiveness of the company's industry;

2, focus on automotive lighting-related industrial chain, in domestic and foreign markets to seek investment mergers or acquisitions and cooperation opportunities, speed up the company in the automotive LED lighting and intelligent driving related areas of ecological layout, to help the company in the subdivision area bigger and stronger;

3, the establishment of a new generation of semiconductor-related technology leading edge, such as laser light source, microled and other related technologies, in the global context of the search for projects and technical cooperation opportunities to accelerate the company's strategic breakthroughs in such areas.

Fang You expansion LED lighting Business

Announced with Fang You (01868), on June 29, 2017, the group's wholly-owned subsidiary Heshan Lighting and Heshan Industrial City Management Committee concluded a framework agreement on the development and expansion of the electronic information industry and LED lighting industry in Heshan industrial city through the planning and construction of the same-party science and Technology City (a science and technology park to be operated by Heshan).

According to the plan, the park will be divided into 4 bases according to different functions, that is used for LED lighting product promotion and display lighting technology town, for LED lighting production of new light source production base, LED lighting products for the development of the lighting industry incubation base, for the overall management of the lighting headquarters; science and Technology Park covers a total construction area of about 560,000 square meters.

The announcement said the framework agreement marked the group's ongoing efforts to expand its existing research and development, sales and production led decorative lights, LED general lighting products, LED professional lighting products and engineering business. The co-operation with the Heshan has also demonstrated the local Government's commitment and confidence in the business and operation of the group.

As the first expansion of the shares after the real neon, there is news that in the field of lighting, the same side shares will be Fang You as the core enterprise, integrated lighting industry chain into the new main body for the IPO. (Click for details)

Mega/Ime Core light three projects near tens of billions of land in Jiangxi

Following trillion shares announced in the Nanchang base to add 1000LED package production line, June 30, easy-core light quality LED Device module project will be settled in Nanchang high-tech zone, the total investment is expected to 2 billion, the first phase of the proposed 300 package and module line, up to the postpartum expected to add more than 1 billion yuan.

"Easy US-core light North China led innovation Enterprises, is a high-quality led devices and modules of the well-known brands, in the Beijing Economic and technological Development zone set up led research and development and production base." The company to the high-tech zone to increase capital expansion, will form Beijing and Nanchang double base, the use of Beijing's research and development and international advantages, combined with Nanchang's regional advantages and industrial advantages, to accelerate the expansion of the easy-core light high-quality LED packaging devices and module components production scale. Dr Fan, president of the easy-core light, said.

At the same time, Siu Chi shares June 29 announcement, the company will contribute not less than RMB 1.5 billion yuan and not more than 1.6 billion yuan, in Nanchang High-tech Development Zone Investment in the construction of LED wafer and chip production projects. Phase a project plan by the two sides of the agreement to invest 5 billion yuan (including construction land, plant building and renovation costs), including equipment investment not less than 3 billion yuan.

Siu Chi Energy-saving wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Province trillion Chi Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Construction LED packaging Project Application key industrial Development fund. Industrial Development Fund investment amount of RMB 700 million yuan, the increase will be used in Jiangxi Siu Chi added 1000 led packaging production lines.