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Hong Li Zhi Hui: Led Packaging Market There is such an opportunity!

Jul 13, 2017

According to the Research LED Institute (GGII) test data show that 2016 global led industry market scale of 699.6 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 8.63%.

Nowadays, the LED industry is moving rapidly to China, White LED chip industry Center to the domestic transfer, China led chip manufacturers of the market accounted for more than 70% of the share; Global packaging capacity is accelerating to China, and China's packaging capacity will continue to grow.

Zhang Luhua said, "in the past two years, the international led manufacturers Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Osram, GE and other parts of the business in succession to exit the Chinese lighting market, which also brings more development space for domestic enterprises." ”

LED industry to accelerate the transfer to China, led industry to "seal" the war, according to the 2016 global led packaging revenue rankings, domestic packaging manufacturers Linsen, Hon Li Chi Hui, the National Starlight Power has successfully ranked in the top ten. In addition, the domestic led packaging pattern is basically formed, China led packaging device status will be further increased.

Into the 2017, from the April Hong Kong exhibition to the present Guangya exhibition led packaging manufacturers on display products, the overall development trend of the packaging industry is to improve energy efficiency, color enhancement, dimming and intelligent lighting, market segments four directions.

With regard to light efficiency, the current market on the most mainstream products 2835, in the case of 0.2 watts can reach 225lm/w, which is also the basic level of the industry, probably more than in January to get the data to improve some.

In January 2017, the PPL no vulcanization products solutions in China to achieve the first mass production. Vulcanization problem is also a problem for many enterprises, such as the temperature is now more and more high, in the case of high temperature, the external harmful substances into the packaging body, the reaction occurs after the black phenomenon.

In response to this problem, the PPL no vulcanization technology to launch a solution can cover the entire system of SMD, SMC, EMC products, can completely solve the vulcanization problem, up to now, has applied for 3 invention patents.

In addition, emc3030/5050/7070 products are used more widely. In outdoor lighting, especially EMC5050 products, 1W can achieve optical efficiency 240lm/w, combined with PPL sulfur-proof technology, SMC packaging, higher reliability, smc5050/7070 products in outdoor products will be a rapid growth in the application.

About the CSP that we have been talking about for many years, how to use it? Zhang Luhua Frankly, the most applications of CSP is the backlight field, followed by the lighting field.

In the field of backlight, the main layout of the product has CSP1313, CSP1414, CSP1616, CSP1907, CSP2507 and other products. The backlit light strips of the CSP program at the TV division of the Manulife-chi-hui have long been mass-produced; the main products in the lighting field are CSP1010, CSP1111 and CSP1313.

This Guangya exhibition, the first exhibition of the CSP lighting program-Two-color cob is the exhibition's eye-opening, white light cob plus CSP blending technology to achieve color brightness adjustable, its WiFi intelligent dimming system attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers come to experience.

Hong Li Zhi Hui is the first to develop automotive led packaging industry manufacturers, the main car market customers more than 30, mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region. At present, mainly to high power devices, whether in the front or in the rear installed have some specifications of the products, products applicable to the headlights, turning lights and so on.

Of course, the company's own white light lighting technology and scale advantages, so that companies in the automotive led, infrared and UV LED niche market layout ushered in a new growth space.

In the future, the company will tightly focus on the dual main business, packaging and car network Wings QI Development Strategy, give full play to its technology leadership and brand advantages. Further strengthen the company in the field of packaging, lighting competitive advantage, continuous packaging brand strategy, improve sustainable profitability, dual business and profits to achieve steady growth, become a respected international led national brand.