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What is the LED tile screen?

Jul 13, 2017

LED floor tile screen is a a dedicated to the ground to create a new LED digital media, usually in load-bearing, waterproof, non-slip, fog and heat dissipation performance has a very good performance indicators, in a specific environment, specific occasions can display its excellent performance. Especially in the new Era wedding stage, the red carpet show is now a necessary part of the wedding, in the past the traditional way is only a piece of red carpet, and in the High-tech today to see the LED floor tile screen to bring you those different red carpet show.


This is a piece of Shenzhen Xin billion Light Technology Co., Ltd. for the intelligent induction rental led floor tiles screen, the background screen uses 3.91LED rental screen in the entire banquet hall formed 360° surrounded by the middle T-show using intelligent induction led floor tile screen, specific video playback for the wedding scene added a lot of creative and innovative display effect. This led floor tile screen is the most effective when the protagonist slowly to the podium to walk past, it was a blossoming rose. followed by the footsteps of the protagonist of a blossoming, white wedding dress with a bright red rose petals to create a more beautiful effect, to your wedding memorable moment.


In the era of large data, the era of intelligence has been pressing the market step by step. Shenzhen XIN billion light in the field of LED display to break the traditional display era, from the conventional display of the pace of the Times to the intelligent display of development. Intelligent induction LED Tile screen application is the best of Xin billion light endorsement. Intelligent Interactive LED floor tile screen for the stage deduction to create a more efficient and real effect, to solve the current stage using projection technology to supplement the blank defects. The future with the upgrading of technology, in the major stage, new product launches, fashion show, wedding celebrations, stage performances and other places to assume more and more important role.