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The reason why the fog lamp does not use LED light source

Jul 13, 2017

Front fog lights, rear fog lights? I believe the driving friends have been told by the older generation not to open the fog lights driving, because it will illuminate the opposite driver's vision. Fog lamp, as the name suggests is in the fog of the premise of the use of the day, with the smog more serious today, fog lamp The importance of more and more prominent. But in this era of LED, why do most of the fog lamps are traditional bulbs? Why not use LED light source? Let's follow up with a little weave.

Halogen fog lamp converted LED light source, in fact more dangerous


In fact, many friends have such a question, headlamps, turn lights, wide lights are led, why fog lamp is halogen! So I simply replaced the fog lamp LED light source, the reason is, "halogen lamp too dark"! In practice, this is not true or safe.

Because for fog lamps, the need is not the brightness of the light, but the penetration of the light, so simply improve the brightness of the use of LED light source, in the foggy days of driving can not give more help but will cause greater danger.

The role of halogen lamps is signaling, not lighting


As we have said before, the role of car halogen lamps is not just for lighting. The fog lamp must first have the strong penetrating ability and the high identification degree; secondly, the fog lamp will not produce the Dindal effect, the light will not be in the fog to block the sight, but also to illuminate the vicinity of the ground. This is the key to a fog lamp that distinguishes it from other headlights, so it can be used as an active security configuration.

In the last century, for example, the headlights of cars were generally yellow. But now the yellow fog lamp has been rare, and by the relatively advanced halogen bulbs replaced, lighting color has become warm white, can meet the conditions of the fog lamp use, but also for the vehicle auxiliary lighting.

Fog lamp design has and strict requirements, do not blindly modified


For the design of fog lights, the lighting range, angle, brightness has a high technical requirements, is not able to arbitrarily modified. For example, the previous netizens suspected fog lamp lighting is not bright enough to replace the xenon lamp, so that the road ahead of you is indeed a lot of light, but it is also very easy to illuminate others, the effect is similar to Kaiyuan light lamp, so it is too immoral. In addition, strong light in the face of foggy weather will produce diffuse reflection and Dindal effect, otherwise the eyes of a white, more dangerous!

Ordinary LED lamp congenital defect, can not be used as fog lamp 

may have friends will ask, LED light source can not achieve the required color temperature? Does the LED light source penetrate not strong? Halogen lamp can do things, LED lights will not do?

In fact, now a lot of LED lights to adjust the color temperature, there is no problem, such as a lot of home lights can be color. But the problem is that the LEDs we use commonly are monocrystalline LEDs, light through the powder synthesis of a single color of light, and not by the "Red Green and Blue" 3 of colors issued (three primary colors can make up for the continuous spectrum, interpretation is too complex, another day in depth discussion), so in the spectrum is not able to achieve continuity! And the three-color light source LED lamp cost is very high, so used as fog lamp is not a bargain.