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OSRAM new products will soon be listed in the field of plant lighting a number of new standards

Jul 14, 2017

OSRAM with Oslon Square Hyper Red set a new standard in the field of plant lighting, this high-power LED integrated chip larger, with higher radiation flux, for commercial greenhouse plant lighting to provide excellent efficiency.


At this year's Lighting Fair in Philadelphia, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors will showcase an LED prototype that promotes healthy plant growth: Oslon Square Hyper Red. This third-generation 2-W LED emission characteristics are improved, the light output is higher, corrosion resistance is outstanding, therefore, using Oslon Square Hyper Red plant lighting system has a very high price.

Plant growth requires two basic elements: water and light. Today, with different wavelengths of LEDs, commercial growers can control the stages of plant growth. For example, with the 660 nm wavelength of the Oslon Square Hyper Red prototype, the growth of the plant flowering stage can be controlled. Coupled with the 450nm deep blue version and 730nm far red, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Oslon series perfectly covers the whole process of plant growth.

This high-power LED prototype integrates 2 m of the chip, the performance is even better. Developers use the latest technology, the current 700 mA, operating temperature of 25 , the typical radiation power can reach 905 mW, radiation efficiency can reach 60%. This means that compared with the current Oslon SSL, radiation power increased by 13%, radiation efficiency increased by 25%. Oslon Square Hyper Red has a beam angle of 120 °.

"The new Oslon Square Hyper Red is excellent in corrosion resistance, long service life and high reliability, so our ace product also meets the entire Oslon series of high quality standards."

- OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SSL Product Manager

Mr. Kok Peng Lim

Oslon Square Hyper Red uses the same package size as the existing Oslon SSL version, making it easy to replace. The use of this new product has two economic implications for its customers: First, the new high-power LED is more powerful than the previous product; the second, a Oslon Square Hyper Red can replace two Oslon SSL LEDs. This LED is expected to begin mass production by the end of 2017.

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