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COB package - a new choice for small pitch LEDs

Jul 15, 2017

In recent years, with the LCD large screen, DLP big screen between the technical competition, market competition, small pitch LED screen calls are getting higher and higher, also attracted more and more enterprises began to pour into this market, Not only the traditional LED display business, as well as the traditional DLP splicing screen business, and even include some of the ever-present LCD display of old enterprises, making a small gap between the LED industry, the internal competition has become intense. At present, the LED industry that there are different sources of business competition, but also the first in and after the competition, in the packaging technology line there are two options COB and SMD technology.

COB small pitch LED favored by the company


 (Surface paste technology) is the field of LED display technology in the field, it is the upstream lamp beads manufacturers will lamp cup, bracket, wafer, lead, epoxy resin and other materials packaged into different specifications of the lamp beads. Downstream display manufacturers with high-speed placement machine to high-temperature reflow soldering lamp beads on the circuit board, made of different spacing of the display unit. In a sense, small-distance LED screen business "manufacturing capacity" is the "reflow process" application capacity. The COB packaging technology, a small pitch LED screen products have skipped the "reflow" of this process: COB package, directly to the light-emitting chip soldered in the prefabricated PCB circuit board, and then the overall encapsulation of epoxy resin.

COB technology to COB small spacing of the LED can be "good" to achieve a smaller spacing, and in the display, COB picture of the grain is lower, the picture is more consistent. While maintaining product brightness, contrast and color advantages at the same time, the picture is more soft, which makes the COB technology, small spacing LED screen is more suitable for the need

 To "close, long time" to use the high-end places.

led light.jpg

COB packaging technology small pitch LED product sealing performance is good, the application environment is low sensitivity, the picture pixel is soft, good perception, the overall bad rate is low, the use of replacement CELL way to maintain the maintenance of dead pixels, high High pixel density of the process is simple, fine technical process steps focused on the application and industry characteristics, has been a lot of "latecomers" of all ages. Such as the industry some of the brand, most international giants, LCD and DLP large screen industry manufacturers to COB as the starting point, you can build high-end market reputation is undoubtedly a better strategy for these brands, the current is more typical of Sony , Mitsubishi and so on; there are some typical LCD and DLP large-screen manufacturers of the industry, these manufacturers need to launch LED products, but no surface paste process accumulation, in order to achieve overtaking, technical unique and differences Is no different from the best choice, such enterprises are Granville, Sony, Hida, En times and so on.

Traditional LED manufacturers are not concerned about the input

COB in the small pitch LED industry is also obvious advantages, but as a new technology there is also the problem of insufficient accumulation in the details of the process to be improved, and the temporary cost disadvantage, so many companies "only focus and not put" The

First look at the technical aspects of the lack of: COB package screen ink color is not good control, when the light is not lit, the surface ink inconsistencies, which will affect the overall product aesthetic. At present, only a small number of enterprises in this area has made a breakthrough, such as Granville for the uneven color of this problem has made a breakthrough, and applied for a patent. Granville through a combination of their own DLP screen special coating process, can eliminate the circuit board color differences, in order to achieve to improve the contrast and overall uniformity, thus solving the problem of ink consistency. In addition, Wei Qiaoshun in this regard also received progress, the new P3, P1.87 products have eliminated the ink problem, to ensure that the COB small distance LED products, the whole wall display.

Followed by the cost of the price disadvantage: the current LED industry is very competitive. COB process LED display technology despite the technical abolition of the reflow as the core of the surface paste process, but also increased the difficulty of the packaging process, making COB package in the CELL stage of stability control, reliability testing is more complex.

In addition COB package than the surface of the packaging technology started late, in the small interval LED display technology and material technology in the field of less than the accumulation of technology, which led to the overall cost, COB package is also more than traditional SMD surface technology disadvantages.

LED grow plant lights .jpg

Due to the above deficiencies, and now even behind the COB enterprises, the traditional small pitch LED screen was clearly on the sidelines. First of all, in the small pitch industry vested interests, so that they have no reason to cry for the COB flag; In addition, for the display manufacturers, what kind of packaging technology for many small pitch LED screen business is not much difference, Such as a display device can be Taiwan-based screen can also be the same as the domestic screen, the existing brand influence and technical advantages can make these small-distance LED companies can be popular in the COB before the arrival of rapid response, because its main work "just" Encapsulated CELL spell the size of the appropriate splicing unit or monitor, and thus more inclined to "strong after the hair."

Conclusion: now even behind the COB enterprises, mostly in the LED display on the accumulation of shallow, no SMD patch technology experience. To quickly enter the LED field, only the use of COB technology to form a differentiated competition, effectively avoid the traditional LED manufacturers in the SMD on the accumulation of advantages, in order to win; Moreover, COB does have a lot of SMD less than the advantages. At present, although the SMD package still occupy the mainstream market, but COB rely on their own advantages, but also has achieved very good market results, the current market size and market influence are in a stable upgrade. I believe that with the further improvement of COB technology, more concerned about the wait and see manufacturers will be unable to bear the support of COB technology, when the user is undoubtedly the most favorable - after all, with more new options

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