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Evergreen full range of agricultural LEDs to meet the needs of various animal and plant growth

Jul 15, 2017

TSE: 2393 will showcase a full range of agricultural LEDs at the US Lighting Show, including high-power, medium-power and low-power products of various sizes to meet the needs of the LED lighting industry, the leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronics industry, All kinds of plants and animals in different growth environment needs, to achieve maximum growth of animals and plants and energy conservation goals. Everlight booth number 2701, you are welcome to come to watch experience.

The world population as early as 1950, 2.5 billion people, to 2016 last year, population growth to 7.4 billion about 3 times. It is estimated that by 2050 the population growth will break 10 billion mark. Population explosions will result in resource constraints, traditional agriculture in response to surge in demand, has been looking for high productivity and energy-saving solutions, therefore, plant plants and agricultural lighting will play a solution to climate instability and supply and demand balance of the major role.

Billion light special development of a full range of agricultural LEDs, wavelengths covering the full PAR 450nm ~ 730nm, high power are used special ceramic substrate to effectively enhance the heat dissipation, which EAHP3535 (3.5x3.5x2.03mm) Royal Blue 450nm can operate to 4.5W can also To achieve WPE65%, EAHP3535 (3.5x3.5x2.03mm) Deep Red 660nm up to 4.7 PPF, in order to provide the best photosynthesis to accelerate crop growth.

Yiguang also introduced two medium-sized power products EAHP3030 (3.0x3.0x0.63mm) and EAHP2835 (2.8x3.5x0.65mm), the size of light, suitable for plant plants or vertical planting. Customers can use the wavelength, power, wattage and size required for the planting environment.

The advantages of the Everlight Agriculture Lighting LEDs are not only to provide wavelengths, power and size, but also the industry's first company to bring monochromatic light into the LM-80 test, effectively ensuring customer requirements for LED life The Billion light with professional R & D, business and marketing team, the constant pursuit of innovation and technological breakthroughs to provide customers with a variety of impeccable product solutions.

product picture:

led grow lights..jpg

A full range of agricultural LED models to meet the needs of different flora and fauna (in accordance with customer needs to choose the appropriate packaging structure and product materials)

Data source: billion photoelectron

About billion optoelectronics

Everlight Electronics was founded in 1983, more than 33 years in the LED industry's deep strength, integration of professional R & D, business and marketing team to customer demand-oriented, on its various applications to provide a complete all-round solution , The product line includes High High Power LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamps, Lighting Components, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Opto-couplers and Infrared Components.

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Customers can use their own products in accordance with the needs of the billion light to choose the most suitable package products, the use of suitable LED can be applied to the best product efficiency and quality performance. Evergreen will continue to develop more applications of LED products in the global LED market share of the top five achievements, the billion light will continue to develop the application of LED products, to provide customers with the Kind of impeccable product program to create a win-win future!

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