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UV LED module uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize water

Jul 17, 2017


Since the end of last month, LG Ynt PO State Office began to produce a formal production of "water purifier faucet sterilization with UV LED module." On 27th, LG Electronic Direct Drink water purifier "Puricare Slim UpDown" New model products, has installed the production module.

LG Ynt production of UV (ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet) LED module, water purifier can be perfect inside the faucet sterilization. Let the customer more assured drinking water purifier.

Water purifier faucet is like tap water, is the part of the effluent. A small amount of water accumulates when using a water purifier. Because of the air inflow and so easy to cause bacteria to reproduce, it is very easy to be contaminated. However, because of its narrower internal, it is difficult to install sterilization devices.

LG Ynt According to the water purifier faucet, developed a small but excellent sterilization and harmless to the human body UV LED module, eliminating the concerns of bacteria.

UV LED module uses ultraviolet rays directly to disinfect the water inside the faucet. The product is 1.5 cm long and 3.7 cm wide, and can be installed in a small space inside the water purifier.

In practice, use this product for 5 minutes of ultraviolet irradiation on the faucet, which eliminates 99.98% of the bacteria in the 278 nm (nm) wavelength.

In addition, LG Ynt UV LED module does not contain chemical drugs or heavy metals, pure ultraviolet radiation sterilization, so harmless to the human body. Unlike mercury UV lamp, UV LED is not broken, so it can be used more confidently.

At the same time, this product can quickly and accurately control ultraviolet rays, it is more convenient. The instant the sterilization function is activated, the product emits ultraviolet light with maximum performance. Mercury UV lamps require 2 minutes of warm-up time.

In the user needs, can be installed at any time by the product of LG Electronic direct drinking water purifier "puricare" self care button, directly to the faucet sterilization, but also an hourly automatic sterilization.

LG Ynt's policy is to actively expand the application of UV led field. Through the successful production of this faucet sterilization product, it has proved its superior performance, and LG Ynt has the highest level of LED technology in the world, so it has enough self-confidence to seize the market.

Last month, the company in the world first developed a UV power up to 70mW 280nm UV LED. At the same time, with a lei wafer, chip, packaging, modules and other LED-related production system, can stabilize the supply of products.

In addition to sterilization with 280nm UV led, LG Ynt also ensured the general industry with 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm UV LED and biomedical use 305nm UV-B led various uses of the best product lineup.

LED marketing as a (standing) Zheng Lin pointed out: "The use of UV led to improve the value of finished products, can more intelligently care for the health of users, we will continue to introduce more convenient and safe innovation products." ”