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Philips Hue-opens wireless intelligence, ushering in limitless possibilities

Jul 17, 2017

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Technical update iterations, the quality of life continues to improve, the market and demand is not the same, the birth of each other. Therefore, personalization and customization is the latest trend of the market, but also the inherent pursuit of personal quality. Under the age of intelligence, Philips Hue has a unique magical power for you, allowing you to control the light and shade in your home. Philips Hue is a personal wireless intelligent lighting system for the Royal Dutch Philips, a leader in the field of intelligent lighting systems. Life needs hardcover, choose Philips hue-Open Wireless Intelligence, ushered in unlimited possibilities.

Philips Hue first push Phoenix series King debut Nirvana and born

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Recently, Philips Hue New launch of the Phoenix Intelligent Lighting Series, designed for home lighting. There are five new products in the series, such as recessed lamp, wall lamp, lamp, ceiling lamp and chandelier. Their common denominator is the use of the UFO-like shape, can be perfect to adapt to different huxing and pattern. Individual purchase, or purchase a set, are determined by personal preference.


Like other Hue series products, you need to connect the bridge, for the lamp and the smartphone bundle "tie", and then through a network cable connect bridge and home wireless router, this can be in the handset Terminal One key control, realizes the intelligent illumination! Of course, you can also use it as a common lamp, such as a dimmer.


Philips Hue Phoenix Series Application Lightduo Technology, the creative implementation of layered control up and down the light, but also provide a warm and cold two-color, from warm white to cool white light between the switch. So there are multiple modes for you to choose from.


Provides four preset modes that respond to the different needs of lighting in your day. Injected into the energy mode, Nature awakens, enjoy the warmth of your breakfast with your family, focus on your mind, stay focused, help you get involved in your study and work, immerse yourself in reading mode, be comfortable and intimate, indulge in a sea of books and enjoy the pleasure of reading;


In addition, the Philips Hue Phoenix series through the application of the function of the expansion, you can perceive the location of your home at the moment when you welcome home lights. And through the intelligent terminal Lighting timing settings, but also to achieve personalized lighting, in any place to control the home lights.


Philips Hue Phoenix Series as far as possible to meet your definition of the set standards, for your different needs to provide a perfect solution.


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Philips Hue Phoenix Series Lamps

Philips Hue Upgrade lamp with continuous improvement only for the pursuit of excellence you

The recent launch of the Philips Hue upgraded version of the lamp, cleverly resolved the last generation can not extend the problem.


Philips Hue Lamp with a base length of 2 meters, folding, bending, flexible installation in any location. The base light band can be intercepted to any length, and can be extended seamlessly through a 1-meter extension lamp with a maximum of 10 meters. You can decorate the lamp with the ceiling and the TV wall in the traditional mode, create a warm atmosphere for you, or decorate it in the kitchen to become a spice in your life, or you can lay it in the hallway to illuminate your way home, and, of course, you can use it to create your own bathroom for you to get busy and tired. From now on, you are the designer of home lighting, Philips Hue lamp to meet all your creative needs for home.


Philips Hue lamp with light intensity from 160 lumens to 1400 lumens. Similarly, the Philips Hue light strips will be more intelligent only if the bridge is connected.


After the Philips Hue application is downloaded from the App Store, it can be controlled by the Siri voice of the iphone. You can also select different scenarios in the application, change randomly in 16 million colors, and become a unique way to light up furniture and metope space.


It can also be synchronized with your music, film, expand the picture, foil the atmosphere, extend your mood. Through the application in different scenes, Philips Hue lamp belt can bring you subversive creative home experience, break the traditional lighting and home pattern restrictions on you, for you to expand the definition of comfort.


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Philips Hue upgraded version lamp belt

Phoenix Intelligent Lighting Series perfect to adapt to the needs of different space decoration, custom you every moment of warmth. The upgraded version of the lamp belt gives you a new way to interact with the smart home.


Overall, Philips Hue home Intelligent Lighting system for the first time to launch the Phoenix series and upgrade version of the lights are in the form of a breakthrough in the natural home lighting mode, so that the concept of smart home incisively.

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