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CSP LED in the lamp market began to hot sell

Jul 17, 2017

In the lighting industry is still arguing CSP luminous flux, technical route, CSP LED technology has been in the lights on the steady pace. Now the lights products, if not used CSP LED light source, really is outdated prod


Look at the technical advantages of CSP LED:

1. Better heat dissipation

2. High lumen density in the same device can achieve higher lumen value

3. Omit the cable process, product reliability

4. High packing density

5. Mining SMD paste, simplify the substrate

6. The fit method is flexible

7. flip-chip LED chip, compared with the installed LED chip more impact resistance

As the lights outdoors, bumps on the road, making the car power supply instability, to bring the impact of LED, etc., just the CSP 7 major technical advantages, each is the car lights products must now. So the first-line car mounted on the market, the mainstream company has already entered the system, LED lights are the standard components of the car, but already on the road to the old car, the owners have to keep up with fashion, facelift LED lights, Market (AM) is booming.

After the lights installed market, the most common is the CEC H7 bulb, LED industry according to this specification, the output of the CSP LED light source H7 style light source, a direct replacement of the traditional tungsten bulb car. Early use of SMD light source, after the progress to the use of COB light source, and later found to be more stable with CSP, in a very short period of time, CSP became the only choice of light source lights. But also because of the CSP light source, the demand point, and then push up the selling price.

led waterproof panel light.jpg

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