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New multifunctional nano led with light emitting

Jul 17, 2017


Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Dow electronics Company in Marlborough, Massachusetts, recently published a study in the journal Science. They showed a new colloidal semiconductor nanorods that allow a single device to produce an electric current at the same time as a photoelectric effect, and to convert electricity into light energy.

The research and development of new multifunction nano-led is still a beginning, so that the display to achieve something completely different, in addition to display information, become a more interactive device. This can be the basis for new and interesting designs for many electronic products.

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These nanorods, which are less than 5 nanometers in diameter, are made up of three semiconductor materials, one of which can emit and absorb visible light, and two others to control the flow of charges within the first material. Three kinds of materials work together to enable the LED panel to light the external light and make the brightness adjustment.

Because this led is very fast to switch between light and photosensitive functions, this switch is not recognized by the naked eye, so the display panel appears to be always bright.


At the same time, different from the current cell phone light sensor, this led panel metering and dimming occurs at the pixel level, so not only according to the external environment light source adjustment panel brightness, but also to the screen above the finger to pass the subtle differences in light, thus allowing non-contact touch the screen gesture operation.

The researchers also found that the LEDs, while glowing, absorb external light sources and convert them into electric currents, similar to the function of solar panels, so that the future use of the LED screen could be recharged by light and turned into a "self powered" handset.

In addition, the new LED display can be used as a large-scale parallel communication array, with each other to achieve large data exchange. At present, researchers have successfully used the red new LED array to demonstrate the related functions, is trying to combine red, blue, green three-color led to achieve color array display, while adjusting the composition of the Nano-rod composition to improve the LED light absorption capacity.


The researchers showed a pixel that automatically adjusts brightness, and a pixel that responds to the proximity of a finger, which can be integrated into an interactive display to respond to non-contact gestures or to identify objects. They also show the array of LEDs that respond to laser pens, which may be the basis for smart whiteboards, tablet computers or other surfaces that are used to write and draw. And the researchers found that light-emitting diodes not only react to light, but also convert light energy to electricity.

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