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How to choose a solar street light.

Jul 17, 2017

Solar LED lights in the use of the process will inevitably encounter problems, and in the street light must be clear when the reasons, so as to avoid unnecessary impact. Where the spectrum of solar street lamp manufacturers to explain to you, solar LED lights in the daily life of common problems and treatment methods:

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If the solar LED lights have a problem, first check the battery connection is correct, wiring where there is a bad contact situation, and then check whether the normal connection of the battery, the battery voltage is normal, if the voltage is too high, the battery power supply There will be a failure, if the battery over discharge, then fully charged will automatically resume.

In which the stability of solar controllers is very important for the life of solar LED lights, because the role of solar controller is to control the use of solar panels on the battery charge and discharge. The current use of solar controllers are intelligent configuration, to ensure that the lights in the accurate time for lighting and off, and will automatically according to the local weather and environmental changes and change the time.

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Select the solar battery must choose high stability, so as to ensure the battery life, because the quality of the battery can also directly affect the life of the lamp. So in order to ensure the normal work of solar LED lights, we must choose good quality parts, so not only to extend the service life of components, but also to extend the overall life of solar LED lights.

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