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Sound, kettle, LED lights, they are a product!

Jul 17, 2017

Led use more and more popular, the macro-level of the city has not led the existence of! And from life, designers cleverly design, but also let led into our micro-level of life! Playful base is a such products!

What is the most important thing to go hiking and camping outdoors? Travel light. Tents, walking sticks, and some necessary equipment can not be carried, but a lot of things could actually turn them into something.

For example, if you want to look outdoors, relax and listen to the music, you must use the Bluetooth speaker, it can also be a kettle ...

It's very convenient to put on the mineral water or drink you want to drink. Wait, not finished, it can also light up, become a display of various colors of LED lights, the night is not afraid of the mountains. Add a vitamin effervescent tablet or a carbonated drink, and you can see the lighting effects of music vibrations.

Is this all over? Don't worry, the cell phone has no electricity can also use it to recharge, GPS maps, sports apps casually used, is so capricious.

This cup is called playful base, which is characterized by versatility. What I like about it is that these features are not randomly added, but are designed to be based on outdoor activities and camping needs.

The cup itself is waterproof, rain or use in the snow is not afraid, mobile power, LED lights can also be used to support the IP65 protection level.

Another very conscientious design is the playful base or modular. Cup capacity can be replaced, each part can be disassembled, speakers, mobile power, LED lights, want to use the independent which part of the problem, very flexible.

Playful base built-in battery capacity of 6000mAh, can achieve about 10 hours of music playback, 10-hour lighting (120-stream brightness), and its USB interface current is 2. 1 A, you can charge two of devices at the same time.

How, with playful base to camp, at least can save a lot of space, the price is not too expensive, a full set of 132 euros (about 910 yuan), in fact, and buy a cup, LED lights, Bluetooth speakers and mobile power is similar.