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How does business look at LED filament light?

Jul 18, 2017

Recently, the large lighting for the "filament lamp terminal application" for the national business survey, covering the "filament market conditions," "market potential and capacity," "to promote the popular point of difficulty," "light filament advantages and disadvantages" and so on, businesses actively participate , The feedback information is very rich. So, as a business, how do they look at the filament lamp? This issue, we go and see! (This article refers to the filament light refers to "LED filament light".)

1, filament lamp market acceptance?

With the continuous progress of technology, the formation of large-scale effect and the corresponding equipment innovation, LED filament lamp more and more "fire", more and more businesses and consumers are willing to take the initiative to contact and understand the filament lamp products. So, in the dealer's view, the current filament lamp market acceptance?

According to the feedback, that "filament lamp market is quite good," the proportion of businesses accounted for 47%; that "filament lamp market unsatisfactory" business accounted for 21%; that "filament market is not ideal" business accounted for 32% The It is not difficult to see that the filament lamp in the terminal market has been slowly accepted, but also began to gradually enter the public consumption perspective, this is a good thing. 

Overall, the national business on the potential of the filament lamp is more optimistic. There are businessmen said that for the filament lamp products, he is currently mainly used for lanterns light source; another businessman said that with the incandescent lamp sales, filament lamp is its most ideal, the most perfect alternative, the future is expected to Market cultivation of mature circumstances usher in a big outbreak. 


On the other hand, due to the technical parameters of the filament lamp do not understand, coupled with the filament lamp in the domestic market started late, many dealers are more unfamiliar to the filament lamp. There are surveyed businesses that the filament lamp products, although cost-effective, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, but for most consumers, the price of filament lamp is still high, businesses in the agent filament products when the risk and benefits, This is an important factor in their wait-and-see status. 

For domestic businessmen on the filament lamp market views and questions, Guangmingyuan chairman and president of Hong Yanan said that in the domestic market, after several years of continuous fermentation and publicity, filament slowly into the high-speed development stage; and in overseas markets, The filament light develops rapidly and is relatively mature. It is foreseeable that with the standardization of standards and the growing demand, filament lights in the domestic market will be full bloom, hope businesses to seize this rare opportunity.

2, light filament marketing difficulties where?

LED filament lights since the market, from doubly questioned to mixed, to gradually accept, and then more and more fire today, gradually recognized by the market, has experienced a very tortuous process. Layout filament market, in addition to the need for enterprises to invest, and actively promote the outside, as a terminal agent, the same can not be separated from the market. So, in the business view, light filament marketing difficulties where? 

dimming lights .jpg

According to large lighting research data show that domestic businessmen believe that the light bulb market promotion is mainly concentrated in the "technology is not mature enough" "the price is generally high" "promotion is not enough" "market cultivation is not enough" and "product profit is not high" The Among them, that "the price is generally high," the proportion of businesses accounted for 49%, that "promotion is not enough" business accounted for 47%, that "market cultivation is not enough" business accounted for 43%, that " "Business accounted for 33%, that" product profit is not high, "the proportion of businesses accounted for 19%, that" other reasons "accounted for 11% of businesses.

With the participation of many giants in the field of filament lights, including Mu Lin Sen, Guangmingyuan, star Gao Hong, industry competition to accelerate the promotion of enterprises in technological innovation, scale manufacturing, cost control, channel promotion and other aspects of flourishing, which will further To promote the filament technology to mature, and then in the cost control more optimized, the high price of filament will be controlled, when the market will be more fully cultivated. 

Earlier, Huizhou Ying Jier photoelectric general manager He can interview in an interview that enterprises in the LED filament promotional, should target the market, the product's own characteristics and advantages fully demonstrated, so that the public better understand the advantages of the product Of the place, so as to achieve greater publicity effect. When the business to do this after the business in the marketing, the fish will be the water, which will be difficult to break through the difficulties.

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