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Intelligent lighting

Jul 18, 2017

"After the LED appeared, the lights were not important, and the light was important." At the 2017 Aladdin Forum - Integrating the Future Forum, Mr. Sun Yan, a member of the China Lighting Society Standardization Committee, gave a lecture entitled "Smart Lighting" Lighting quality, sexy and spirituality, the author finishing Mr. Sun Yan's speech content, and everyone to share.

"Edison invented the incandescent lamp, the bulb continued in the power grid reproduction, until now, because the study of Internet technology development, given him a feature, today many people talk about SmartLighting, I also in the national lighting is also a proposal can be used Spiritual definition of Smart. "Mr. Sun Yan said at the beginning of the speech.

The quality of the lighting has different definitions at different times

A lot of people are saying that intelligence is the direction of lighting is the way out of lighting, this is a road but not necessarily a way out, because the true nature of lighting is light, that is, the characteristics of light itself, and not necessarily to grab the Internet Of the cake, precisely because of the emergence of this piece so that we suddenly see, most people want is healthy, no health to talk about what intelligence, energy saving? This definition of lighting quality by the intelligent, healthy, energy-saving three components. But different periods have different definitions.

LED Linear lamp.jpg

Incandescent period, a large number of outdoor products, but a lot of talk about security, such as mechanical safety, electrical safety, electromagnetic radiation safety, these security constraints of the development of lighting, the light is limited to the lamp, module, structure, light Is not retrograde, but the light should not be limited to a two-stage lamp, there must be a module. You may not see the light, but to see the light, this is to get rid of the shackles, but the security or to retain.

Energy-saving lamps appear, began to consider the economy of the lights, and now China to promote a large number of energy-saving lamps, a dollar to buy a light, this popularity of China's economic behavior into political behavior, leading to exports to Europe, China-made products accounted for 80%. This time Blu-ray hazards, 315 problems appear, public opinion fermentation, these are not the product of the wrong. For example, the generation of light pollution is not caused by the product of light, but the application error caused. If the application of the product on the light will not be light out, this is not the product of the wrong, is not suited to the environment, the environment out of pain. 

LED High Bay.jpg

Ordinary consumers in the purchase of lighting products without conditions for professional testing of the product, but can be purchased through the observation to buy products. The lighting industry should leave observers to consumers, allowing consumers to decide whether to buy products by observing them. At this time only the adaptive stage will appear the strange characteristics of observation, this time the sense of light, to give the value of adaptation. How to determine the product is good, the first is safe, peace of mind; the second is the economy; the third is the adaptability, which is the quality of the product to control the conscience. 

Quality is not defined by the manufacturer, but by the customer. Children with is not very healthy, is not a lamp can eye care? His time in school than in the lamp more time, the school lights if not eye, then nothing to use, but the needs of the Education Bureau is the first security, the second is to maintain, the third is energy saving. There is no adaptation problem in the existing classroom products, and there is no talk about illumination, uniformity, power density, and how many seats are sitting in the classroom. But if this is the activity of the classroom, the table will move, once the move after the lighting or such a eye? Uniformity or follow this do? This time if the lights can move like a. This is the result of the application only after, so bring out the quality of light, lighting quality under the premise of adaptability. Adaptability of both external and internal aspects of the internal lighting is the internal demand to be responsible for the external is responsible for the entire environment. 

The lighting of the sexy lighting design has its logic 

Sexy bad understanding, such as going to go shopping when some stores feel very comfortable, and sometimes into a shop is very dark, will feel uncomfortable, this time the lighting played a very sexy role. 

Japan's Omotesando lighting design is based on the feeling of time to expand, with his logic, very attractive to shopping. The logic of lighting is from the artificial light, intelligent light to light coordination and coordination, can directly feel the time changes.

LED Linear light.jpg 

The spiritual light of the lighting is not important light is important 

In the design to take into account the feeling, choose the lights when it is not so boring, this is the role of spirituality, that is, intelligent lighting Smart part. Home there is a temperature and humidity comfort, especially air-conditioning products, need to reach a certain target, the human body can feel comfortable. Lighting also has indicators. Such as the June Shanghai PMV with the degree of illumination? This relationship is not very obvious, in your area of activity which was removed when the illumination does not know how much you affect the action, but in different months you will find the activities of the region and illumination Will be a relationship, because the cold weather, if it is warm light, you will feel a little warm with the house a little bit, this is our worship of the sun directly make you feel warm. These features are actually identified by the sensor on the lamp to identify the behavior of consumers.

We are the body of life, is the vitality of lighting the entire industry self-confidence is from our spirituality. The future to solve this problem, can not stay in the incandescent time, to the comfort of the forward, of course, has been in action, the industry should not have a falling light appears, but this is highlighted in the user's needs. Usually said the strobe, not always look at the lights, lights to your eyes have strokes to control. After the LED appears in the light is not important, light was important, that time the light back to safety, peace of mind, the level of economy, back to the quality of light above, and then back to the front, is the light of the sexy and spiritual.

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