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Lighting and health

Jul 18, 2017

During the International Lighting Fair in Guangzhou, Mr. Lam Wing-ching, Design Director of LightcraftAmbience Architecture SdnBhd, gave a speech entitled "People-oriented Lighting: Lighting and Health" at the Aladdin Forum - Reflection Lighting Forum in 2017. Giving advice on how to achieve control of light from a healthy point of view. I finished the speech of Mr. Lin Yongzhen speech, and everyone to share, see how can the better benefit of human beings. 

Looking ahead, ancestors learned the importance of light for us. The importance of sunlight is self-evident, from lightning, fire, etc. to extract light, used to make food, drive the beast. Look at the development of light technology, the beginning of the light from the raw materials from the natural wood take light, behind the oil, natural gas, gas to help lighting, Edison invented the electricity, with the lights, with fluorescent lamps, Japanese inventors bring The blue LED.

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People - oriented lighting

What is the people-oriented lighting? The most ideal people-oriented lighting, will bring good vision, bring good mood, new balance, promote the internal operation of the body, the body structure is more reasonable, strengthen a certain aspect, bring the overall upgrade, More energy-efficient, can play a role in protecting the environment. 

The body structure refers to the body mechanism, the body structure of the biological clock, will regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, hormone secretion, affecting the body's performance and emotional expression. Such as hormonal dopamine, will make us happy. This is why when the sun will naturally feel good mood, and lack of light when the cloudy day, secretly, do not want to get up in the morning, there is no power to work. There is a visual feeling, and sometimes some people due to vision, age and other factors, the need for more lighting to see more clearly.

In terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, with the LED, the light generated by the energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the light brought about by the energy consumption is also greatly reduced, so that the carbon footprint decline. In this process will not cause too much pollution or bad emissions, it will not produce mercury.

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How does light affect us?

Technology development process, the digital technology is increasingly applied to the lighting industry, with digital technology, in fact, can achieve the so-called light adjustable, further reduce the cost of lighting. The adjustment of light involves the process of human evolution, more than two hundred years ago, most of the time in the human life, outdoor environmental changes caused by our body to adapt to the outdoor environment. Now because most of the time living indoors, has a part of our body function. Before living outside, get plenty of illumination, even when the weather is not very good when there is sufficient illumination, indoor if there is no artificial illumination, only a quarter, so natural light can better regulate the body function.

With the development of LED technology, lighting technology more and more digital, the traditional light source has incandescent, halogen, with the digital technology, with LED lights. Lighting equipment more and more functional, there are some lighting equipment can transfer data, transmission of information, there is an adjustable lamp. We all know that the eye is the same operation, the eye surface has some neurons, neurons to capture the light and color, as a signal transmission to the brain, the brain and then analysis and treatment. Scientists are aware of the eye to capture the light in addition to vision, there are non-visual way to feel the light, the body of the various glands, pituitary to non-visual way to feel the impact of external light, as long as the light, the body will be various channels Feel him, light to the internal function and biological clock have an impact.

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How to control light

For example, can be used in the classroom. In the United States and European schools have done some such experiments, in the morning near noon when appropriate to join some blue light in the classroom inside, the student's attention is more concentrated. 

In the office area inside, the same with the appropriate blue light, so that staff during the day when the attention is more concentrated, the workplace to eat lunch lunch there will be rice sleep. Color temperature cooler, will focus more focused, more efficient work. Wait until the day of work, the color warm, so that physical and mental relaxation, to prepare for get off work.

Used in medical applications, just after surgery is rehabilitation of patients, modulation of the temperature of the ward, for rehabilitation have a good effect. Like sebaceous, adrenal gland can be through the cold light, warm light, morning and evening at different times to stimulate the excitement, the patient needs a sober when awake, need to relax when the relaxation.

We know that there are biological clocks inside the body, there are some countries, such as the polar day of the Arctic Circle, the summer light time twenty hours, winter light hours a few hours, this time through the indoor simulation to adjust the biological clock. In these countries have also done some research, if long in the day when the happy dopamine secretion is not high, there will be no spirit, through the adjustable lighting system, can be a good solution to this problem.

For manufacturers, many manufacturers are twenty-four hours of operation, to the night people instinctively drowsy, if the factory illumination makes people more excited, more efficient, less likely to be injured. When the night shift is over, the light is warmer, dark, work home. 

Also in some well-being center, SPA center can also use this light effect, the brightness of the light down after the people's physical and mental will naturally relax. 

For the air trapeze, everyone's common distress is the flight during the sleep quality is not high, and now some airlines have been set in the cabin inside the adjustable light control system, relax when relaxed. And if the effect can be universal, means that the aircraft can get a good rest, to the destination can work with a glow. 

We are aware of their own body in the process of sublimation, the future with the development of science and technology, will learn more about the body function. I believe that with the development of technology, one day soon one day in accordance with their own needs to achieve personalized lighting program. How many kinds of future applications in the end, I believe that must be more than now.

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