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LED packaging market manufacturers in China will soon counterattack

Jul 18, 2017

Recently, TrendForce LED research released the latest "2017 China LED chip and packaging industry market report", compared to recent years, the data can be found, China LED packaging and testing manufacturers in the domestic market share steadily rising, ranking steadily improved, then Chinese manufacturers can complete the anti-attack, beyond the foreign manufacturers do?

TrendForce LED research (LEDinside) the latest "2017 China LED chip and packaging industry market report" shows that 2016 LED lighting market growth, chip, packaging manufacturers continue to expand production capacity. In particular, the size of China's LED packaging market increased by 6% to 8.9 billion US dollars, 10 companies in the top ten revenue, Nichia Chemical reelection champion, Wood Linsen rose to runner-up, Lumileds ranked third. Compared with 2015, Chinese manufacturers in terms of share and rankings have been improved. Let us compare the detailed data in recent years

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2015 China's market LED packaging revenue top ten manufacturers, Nichia Chemical reelection champion, Lumileds runner-up, Mu Lin Sen is followed in the post.

The top ten factory revenue scale of 3.3 billion US dollars, up 15% year on year, accounting for 38% of the overall Chinese market LED package, year on year decline of 8%, indicating that the market is still showing a more dispersed state. 

Specifically, the international manufacturers occupy five seats, the Chinese manufacturers seats jumped to three, the rise of the obvious situation. Chinese manufacturers outstanding performance, mainly through the product cost advantage, coupled with narrowing the technology gap, and gradually grab the international market share of manufacturers.

Nichia Chemical China revenue, despite the exchange rate and business changes, showing a substantial decline in the market significantly reduced, but still ranked champion. Lumileds by virtue of the rapid growth of lighting and car market, to help its outstanding performance, topped the runner-up. Chinese manufacturers Wood Linsen revenue fell slightly, ranking third place. Everlight in the Chinese market successfully developed car, small pitch display and flash market, ranked fourth. OSRAM successfully in the Chinese market development of automotive and infrared LED market, ranking fifth. National Star photoelectric development due to the development of small-pitch display market success, ranking has improved. Hongli Optoelectronics merged with the company's revenue, to replace Rong Chong (AOT) for the first time into the top ten.

This kind of situation to 2016 and what kind of change? 

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2016 China LED packaging market top ten manufacturers revenue scale of 4.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 24%, much higher than the overall market growth rate of 6%, indicating that industrial concentration increased.

2016 ranking is still crowned Nichia chemical by virtue of technology, patents and brand, in addition to continue to maintain the market share in the backlight market, but also actively expand the high-end automotive lighting market. Ranked second in the woods in 2016 capacity to continue to expand in the lighting, display screen market share also increased. While Lumileds slipped to third place, but still in the field of high-end commercial lighting, flash and automotive lighting still enjoy a competitive advantage, revenue growth over the same period in 2015.

China Taiwanese manufacturers such as billion light and Lite-On, in mainland China revenue performance has increased significantly. To billion light, for example, revenue mainly from TV backlight, mobile flash, display, automotive and infrared products, the contribution of revenue; and Lite-On is benefited from the phone flash, infrared products and automotive lighting products. 

The top ten manufacturers in the other two mainland China manufacturers Star Electronics and Hongli photoelectric, ranking more than 2015 progress. China Star Optoelectronics not only consolidate the LED small pitch display screen packaging market leading position, but also vigorously develop the lighting LED packaging market, revenue increased by 36%, ranking rose to sixth; Hongli Optoelectronics continues to expand lighting LED packaging market Share, the subsidiary Si Maide revenue growth of more than Liu Cheng, with 2017 Jiangxi base capacity to further release, ranking is expected to go further. 

What are the top three companie

Although the past two years, the domestic market share of the occasional change, but the overall trend has not changed. The position of the leading boss has been dominated by Nichia Chemical. Domestic manufacturers share in the upgrade, but the gap with the international manufacturers is still very obvious. So take a look at the top three companies have what housekeeping skills it!

LED linear high bay.jpgNichia Chemica

Nichia Chemical main products for the LED, but due to the application of smart phones / flat-panel LCD screen LED market slowdown, coupled with the lighting market part, and China Taiwan, South Korea manufacturers price competition, resulting in Japan for two consecutive years Out of revenue, profits are declining results, but thin dead camels than Ma, although the decline, but Nichia chemical both in technology and market have a great advantage. 

According to Digitimes Research data, Japan's Nikko Chemical LED chip revenue in 2010 was $ 2.423 billion, the highest among the global LED packaging service providers.


Lumileds as a technology pioneer in LED, in the field of subdivision development head start, which in the mobile phone flash every year to maintain a good growth.

Lumileds R & D team with powerful intellectual property is an important weapon to the current global company currently has about 9,000 employees, as well as a year's revenue of up to $ 2 billion position, the LED industry is still quite a decent the company. 

At the end of December 2016, Royal Philips announced that it would sell 80.1% of its shares to Apollo Global Management, LLC, a US private equity fund with a $ 2 billion price (including debt and debt type items), which still holds 19.9% Of the Lumileds stake. 

In fact, Lumileds separates itself from Philips in 2015, and its innovation, technology leadership and loyal strong customer base are the company's main value.

Mu Lin Sun

As one of the top three manufacturers in the domestic market, it is also the only Chinese manufacturer. The market share has been steadily increasing. Can the company realize the anti-

It is understood that this year ushered in the 20th birthday of the wood Linsen, can be said that China's LED industry in the development process of "excellent students." 

Although the first mention of Wood Linsen, usually gives the first impression is to pursue low-cost strategy (low-cost Strategies) packaging plant. However, only the cost of leading strategy to think of wood Linsen, will inevitably fall into this fast-growing LED company's development strategy of misreading, it is difficult to explain the high-speed growth (2008 ~ 2016 CAGR 39.45%) at the same time how to maintain a good growth quality (Gross margin continued to remain at 20 to 30%) 

There were many packages for the development of the same period in the same period as Woodlin Sen, which was known for its ability to control costs, embarked on a low-cost strategy, while others used a differentiated path. Mu Lin Sen's strategy also made the development of today.

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