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Many LED display enterprises to the product to change a "vest" phenomenon is not uncommon

Jul 18, 2017

In our LED display industry this kind of other manufacturers to produce products affixed to their own brands, to the product for a "vest" phenomenon is also common. These "sell" LED display manufacturers, regardless of quality or service can not be guaranteed, once the customer hand, the slaughter is inevitable.

Profit driven variable million home goods flood


has been "OEM" in China's manufacturing industry is a big line, as the international famous brand of Nike, the best-selling global Apple mobile phone and so on, are the list of "OEM" large players. And China LED display manufacturing industry development to now, "OEM" production has become the industry "Emperor's New Clothes", small screen enterprise products paste large screen enterprises, "brand", big screen enterprises printed on the small screen enterprises "logo" even this has become a general practice of the industry-many display manufacturers in the production process will not be printed on the product of any trademark, in order to buyers better OEM, this phenomenon in the industry can be said to be commonplace, the industry people jokingly called this product "variable million home goods."

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In the LED display terminal market, this kind of "changeable million home goods" everywhere, causes this kind of phenomenon reason, does not have the external interest to drive. As we all know, the current LED display industry has sprung up a lot of the nature of the small screen enterprises, they are only responsible for trade, no production capacity, but also want to do their own brand, only to find other manufacturers to take goods "OEM", there are also some engineers are often used by other people's products, and their "card" reason is more complex, in addition, there are some big screen enterprises also exist because of a lack of products and other manufacturers to take goods affixed to the phenomenon, and so on.


This also explains why there are so many LED display products in the market frequently "bump face", imagine, a manufacturer of LED display can be sold to different screen enterprises, paste different brands, and a screen enterprises have five different trademarks in the industry is more common, we often say that the industry product plagiarism, the homogeneity of serious, there is no such "OEM" phenomenon of "credit"-perhaps it is the same product, just changed the "shell." No wonder the current industry's product infringement disputes are difficult.


OEM products who to protect the interests of customers


Here need to note that the LED display industry "OEM" is different from Apple, Nike's own core technology, responsible for the design and development, control sales channels, specific processing tasks to other manufacturers to do OEM (on behalf of processing) "card", but in the original manufacturer design and manufacture of products, by other screen enterprises, the demand for the latter brand trademark to carry out production, or slightly modify the design to produce ODM (original design and manufacture) "OEM". And if Apple were to label "designed by Apple in California assembled" on the back of the product, there would also be "Apple Inc. China" logo for products sold in the country, and consumers would not be less confident about their products because of the origin problem. However, we LED display industry, the purchase of this "ODM" products end-users of the original product manufacturing does not know, so that customers for product "brand" trust is always built on the basis of deception in the sky attic.


On the other hand, such "OEM" disorder not only violates the end-user's right to know the product, but also sometimes allows end-users to fall into the plight of product quality. The current LED display industry has entered the "meager profit era", product costs, market prices have been very transparent, individual middle screen enterprises in order to earn greater benefits, only as far as possible to find lower prices of manufacturers, and such manufacturers often in product design, manufacturing level, product quality and so weak, so that the factory design is weak, no brand advantage, no channels; the sales side of the weak productivity, who is cheap to find who do, the cooperation both sides in the "speculative" situation, Who will guarantee the quality of the product?


At the same time, part of the "OEM production" can not be returned to customers should enjoy the benefits of after-sales service products. LED display products as electronic products, customers in the purchase of products at the same time also purchased the products attached to the after-sales service, and "OEM" production will let this service greatly reduced or even completely obliterated, as a direct sales of products screen enterprises, they often do not have the product after-sales service capacity, can only find upstream manufacturers, and the upstream manufacturers, the product has been affixed to your "logo", customers are also your customers, so that both sides are unwilling to love, will inevitably fall into the deadlock of mutual shirk, What about the quality of after-sale service?


Sticking to brand stickers will never be the way


In the increasingly important brand building now, in the long run, "OEM" for the LED screen is a group of "seven hurt boxing", although in the short term can stimulate a certain sales growth, but ultimately to their products, channels, brand damage, as the article said earlier, "OEM" production of products manufacturers and direct sales of the two sides of the accountability is unclear, which will also reduce the production of some manufacturers self-discipline, to the poor product development space, whether it is "OEM" or "be labeled", once the product has a problem, The trouble is big, this shows that the LED display industry irresponsible "OEM" is tantamount to killing the goose.


The sign of the brand is also reflected in the current industry of the lack of values, OEM screen companies and manufacturers only see the immediate interests, ignoring the label for the "brand" of the deep damage, while adhering to the brand, although will let screen enterprises in the short term lost some customers, but the future can rely on "brand" force to receive more market. As Mencius said: persistent production has perseverance. Brand maintenance is more difficult than brand building, LED screen enterprises should always remember: The brand is who, the biggest risk is in WHO. For LED screen Enterprises, the brand is a kind of accumulation, an asset, it to screen enterprises to create more value at the same time also reverse the constraints screen enterprises to ensure their products stable and safe.


After a round of shuffle, the current LED display industry brand aggregation is becoming more and more high has become an indisputable fact, "oligarch" formation has been unstoppable. In the era of highly transparent information, regardless of the area, will allow the end-user identity back to the "brand" body. And whether the big wave of the market to wash off those poor quality "OEM" enterprises or their "suicide", you can foresee that the future is "OEM" can only be temporary, there will be no way out.

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