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Eaton Launches Metalux Cruze LED Retrofit Kit

Jul 18, 2017

Eaton, a power management company based in Peachtree City, Georgia, introduced the Metalux Cruze LED Retrofit Kit.


According to Eaton, the Metalux Cruze LED Retrofit Kit features simple installation for a quick upgrade from fluorescent luminaires to LED technology without having to install a new fixture. Furthermore, Eaton says that the kit saves on installation labor costs and provides energy savings of more than 50 percent compared to certain fluorescent fixtures. 

The Metalux Cruze Retrofit Kit uses the existing fluorescent luminaire’s housing. The use of the existing housing saves on the cost of buying a complete fixture while also reducing a retrofit project’s material disposal cost. The kit reportedly offers optimal light uniformity and boasts efficacy of up to 138 lumens per watt.

The retrofit kit is available in 2-feet by 2-feet and 2-feet by 4-feet sizes and comes in four stocked lumen levels with two color temperatures and CRIs of 85+. Eaton designed the product to last 60,000 hours with 75 percent lumen maintenance.

LED High Bay.jpg

A variety of control options are available including an optional integrated sensor system, that the company optimized to meet energy codes for both occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. 

A thoughtful default setting can enable out-of-the-box operation. Eaton says that the system can add lighting control without commissioning, and it reduces time and complexity with no additional wiring for installation. An optional handheld remote is also available for field adjustments to make changes to one or more fixtures.Eaton claims that the system achieves the lowest installed cost compared to traditional control products. In addition, Eaton says that the retrofit kit is available with its connected lighting systems, including the LumaWatt Pro Connected Lighting System powered by Enlighted and the WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System.

The WaveLinx wireless system is a “no new wires” system that Eaton says eliminates the complexity and cost of meeting code and programming advanced control systems while allowing on the fly space adjustments through a mobile app.

With the LumaWatt Pro system powered by Enlighted, enterprise customers can take advantage of the system’s wireless sensing capabilities to acquire granular data on lighting energy performance, space utilization, real-time location services, and building system integration.

Because the product is DesignLight Consortium? qualified, it is eligible for energy rebates.

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