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The largest and most visited international lighting exhibition in the United States

Jul 19, 2017

The 2017 U.S. International Lighting exhibition by the North American Lighting Engineering Association and the International Lighting Design Association, is currently the largest in the United States, the most concentrated international lighting exhibition, the same period held a professional lighting conference and lighting design courses.

The exhibition specializes in technology and exhibits high quality products and is the world's largest building and commercial lighting exhibition. This year's exhibition attracted more than 550 exhibitors, many well-known brand enterprises have been exhibiting for years, such as Philips, current by GE, Osram Sylvania, Cree, Acuity, Hubbell, Nichia, Samsung, LG and so on, as well as Samsung, Citizen, BJB, exhibition area of nearly 20,000 square meters.


Exhibitors Show all kinds of lamps, commercial lighting, accessories, regulators, decorative and custom-made lamps, recessed lights, special lamps and their equipment, lighting systems and components, control parts, fixed parts, emergency lights, industrial lights, outdoor lights, stage and entertainment lights, drives, measuring equipment, design software.


Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan have enterprises to participate in the exhibition. See the Chinese mainland exhibitors have Linsen, overclocking three, easy US-core light, Woo Cheong, Nanjing Jingwei, Qualcomm, TCP and other enterprises. We sigh, the Chinese are everywhere!


I am surprised to see, Nanjing Jingwei Display hid light source, are high-power ceramic metal halide lamp, quartz metal halide lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp. Should be the only show hid light source enterprises, still adhere to their positions!


"Linsen" ad in the eye-catching position of the Philadelphia Convention Center.


Sangui chairman visits Ouslansivania Booth


HONG KONG-Cheong Booth


May 3, Shenzhen Chuangye board listed in Shenzhen overclocking Three, exhibited a solar power streetlight


Bing Chairman also with the exhibition of Korean Lighting association in charge of friendly talks.


Bing Chairman visited the exhibition after the speech: the exhibition products are basically two categories: one is functional lighting, and then a kind of decorative lighting. Functional lighting in the street lamp and panel lights progress, but innovative products are not many, are common to the product. It is noteworthy that the light strip products have a new development, the transmission-type lighting has increased the feeling of lighting effect more comfortable.