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GE's enhanced AI led table lamp will be Sale!

Jul 19, 2017

    The development of science and technology, to bring our life has never thought of the convenience, especially in recent years, the fiery AI, but also led to a number of industry's rapid development!

    From smiling robots to vacuum cleaners to home cars, Amazon Alexa Voice aides have dabbled in a variety of products. Given the high adaptability of Alexa, the combination of lighting products is only a matter of time.

    Last year, GE Lighting disclosed a concept led table lamp sol, the built-in Alexa voice assistant, because of the strange circle shape is ridiculed. Now, GE has "lost weight" in the circle of the lamp and officially pushed it into the market.

    Sol combines Alexa, like all the smart home products that combine Alexa, with some basic features. In other words, you can use this lamp to order toilet paper, play music, broadcast the weather, as long as you speak to the lamp, it will be like all Amazon Voice products, the same answer to your request.

        led table lamp sol.jpg

    Every time you call Alexa, the inner circle of Sol's big ring will be illuminated to respond. If you ask Alexa what time it is, the lamp inner circle will be in the light where the clock pointer passes. It seems that the light response doesn't seem to be practical, but it makes Sol no longer a mere a-monotone lamp, and GE says it will add more light response patterns in the future.


   In addition to the light response, Sol can adjust the light color temperature to help sleep. When it's time to go to bed, sol emits a warm yellow light to help you sleep, and in the morning it gives off a refreshing, vibrant glow that makes you feel energetic as soon as you wake up.


    by voice command or mobile phone application, you can also manually adjust the color temperature of the lamp. In the past some lamp products can also adjust the color temperature, but Sol is the first to be adjusted by the voice of the lamp.

   The lamp will b e shipped in September, although it does not seem to function as much as Amazon Echo, but the price is not cheap. The table lamp Sol is priced at $199 (about 1371 yuan), but GE Lighting is offering a 80 percent discount for early-booking consumers, so it's still a hurry to buy.