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Add capital Zhengzhou Foxconn, Gou is interested in the layout of LED panel business!

Jul 19, 2017

Mr Gou seems a bit busy recently, just visiting the president of the United States, and the Governor of the United States to discuss the construction of the plant! A few days ago, Mr. Li was interviewed by Mr. Gou, who recently reported that he intended to layout the LED panel business!

It is noteworthy that the local Foxconn science and Technology Park, which is located at Zhengzhou Airport Economic comprehensive experimental area and employs a total of 300,000 people, is not only the most important Apple iphone production base in the world, but also the largest single production base in Honghei Fuskand.

Zhengzhou's Foxconn Technology Park, which has been built from a single handset, has expanded to back-end modules, research and development, iphone renovation and maintenance, and Google's smart wear products, the Henan Daily reported.

"In addition to the research and development center, we are here to lay out electric car projects, led panel projects, logistics projects and so on," Gou told Henan Daily, after Mr. Li's visit. We are to put the latest, best and most forward-looking technology into Zhengzhou, the world's most advanced product line here. We are confident that through the efforts of Foxconn, Zhengzhou and even Henan, to create the world's leading city of science and technology. Foxconn's development in Henan is not 3 years, 5 years, but 30 years and 50 years. ”

As for Mr Li's concern about the development aspects of Foxconn, Gou said: "He encourages us to go back to reality, to speed up the development of the industrial Internet, the promotion of intelligent manufacturing + the Internet." He also reminded us that Zhengzhou talent advantages, labor advantages are very prominent, not only in Beijing, Shanghai or coastal some developed areas of the layout of research and development forces, in Zhengzhou to continue to strengthen research and innovation and other related industries layout. ”

Mr. Gou also mentioned that Foxconn has put forward a recruitment plan for 50,000 of college students and technical secondary school students, "and we will recruit more skilled and educated students into the Foxconn work through our counterpart training and school-enterprise cooperation." Within the enterprise, while speeding up the development of intelligent manufacturing, we will also strengthen the training of the first-line skilled workers, through the upgrading of skills to help them transfer to engineers, Software Development division, testing and other higher-level positions. ”

In addition, the National Taiwan Office spokesman Annesan 10th morning at a regular press conference to respond to the Taiwanese media enquiries on the 9th visit to the Zhengzhou Foxconn issue, he said: "We have also seen the report on the investment behavior of specific enterprises we do not comment." I would like to say that the mainland's long-term economic development, Taiwan-funded enterprises in the mainland's broad prospects for development, this is what the vast numbers of Taiwanese businessmen see. At the same time, we support Taiwan-funded enterprises to take root in the mainland development of the attitude is consistent and clear. We will continue to take positive measures to create a more favourable environment for Taiwan-funded enterprises to develop on the mainland. ”