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LED screen enterprises to pay attention to, the central Environmental Protection group has begun to act!

Jul 19, 2017


LED industry's rapid development, but also led manufacturers and manufacturers of the integration between the increasing! At the same time, also have to formally a problem, that is, environmental protection industry on the LED industry supervision problems!

It is reported that the third batch of central environmental protection inspectors work comprehensively, will be in Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan, Guizhou Province, 7 provinces and cities to carry out environmental supervision work. As of April 25, the inspectors have been stationed in Fujian, Hunan and Liaoning respectively. As we all know, Fujian is the country in addition to Shenzhen, the second largest LED display industry base, it is expected that the environmental protection inspectors will have a greater impact on the local LED display industry.


Environmental pressure continues in Fujian

April 24, the Central Fifth Environmental Protection Inspectorate, Fujian province, the mobilization of work in Fuzhou convened. At the meeting, the fifth Central Environmental Protection Inspector Bongia Jibong stressed that the inspection team stationed in Fujian province, the focus of the inspectors of the Provincial party committee, the provincial government to implement national environmental protection decision-making deployment, solve outstanding environmental problems, the implementation of environmental protection principal responsibility. According to the arrangement, the time of the inspectors ' presence in Fujian is April 24 to May 24.

In addition to Shenzhen, Fujian province can be said to be an important domestic LED display base, local LED display enterprises are mainly distributed in Xiamen, Quanzhou, and other cities, in recent years, a number of Fujian LED display enterprises in product development, market operations and brand promotion have made considerable progress, to powerful giant color, Fojian Huaje, sea-color bright as the representative of the local brand screen enterprise influence is gradually increasing. Industry chip "big guy" three photoelectric also rooted in Fujian province. In addition, there are a lot of large and small LED display around the surrounding enterprises around here, and this time the object of environmental remediation has them ...

Building materials hardware industry, some of the backward productivity, environmental protection of enterprises, is the current environmental clean-up action main object, LED Display industry box, PCB plate, packaging and other related facilities will certainly also be affected, the current LED display industry in Fujian Province although the development of a full swing, but after all, is a rising star, compared to the Shenzhen old industry base, in some aspects of industrial cluster effect, and some "not", especially supporting industries, Many of Fujian's outstanding screen enterprises are basically from the Guangdong Order matching devices, so the Fujian LED display supporting industry has not formed a scale, and the environmental protection is further to them pressure, so that the development pressures.

Environmental pressure urges industry to improve

As a manufacturing industry, enterprises want to achieve big development can not be separated from the surrounding supporting industrial cluster advantages, a region of the industry only to form a certain scale to benefit each enterprise. In the past two years with Shenzhen's rent, labor costs and other soaring, the Shenzhen LED display manufacturing industry has gradually shifted to the surrounding, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places of the industry began to develop, but at present, Shenzhen's Industry "foundation" has not wavered, LED display manufacturing "eldest" status is still in, and as a new LED display base in Fujian Province, although the development momentum is very rapid, the industry several channels wholesale representative screen enterprises are rooted in this, false in time, Fujian's LED display industry chain development of sufficient integrity, the surrounding supporting industries can form a certain scale advantage, the local screen enterprises can also take this level.


Compared with 2016, the 2017 environmental protection inspectors will be greater, the impact will be broader. And in the current increasingly severe environmental pressure, the central environmental protection inspectors stationed in Fujian province, to eliminate the local part of the backward enterprises, although the overall development of the industry will have a certain impact, but the so-called "scraping bone Therapy," which for the purification industry, product return quality has great benefits. At the same time, it will impel the enterprise to change its own initiative, improve production equipment, optimize production capacity and improve the standard.

The current LED display manufacturing industry integration is intensifying, but also facing the price war and other crises, coupled with environmental pollution policies and so on pressure, but with the elimination of some low-end capacity and supply side reform further landed, coupled with some new changes in the market: small spacing market began to explode, smart city construction accelerated, further expansion of overseas markets, "LED display +" results and so on, these changes for the future of the industry's healthy development is good.