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2017 years of lighting science and Technology Forum of Hunan Province

Jul 19, 2017


At 10 o'clock, 2017 years of lighting Technology Forum was held in Hunan province. The forum is chaired by Vice Chairman Jian Ping, Deputy Secretary-General Hu Hua and vice Chairman Shovenbin.

April 28, 2017, 2017 Hunan Province Lighting Society Annual meeting and the first three times general meeting, 2017 Hunan Province lighting technology forum in Changsha Ramada Hotel. The head of the city Construction management department from 13 counties (cities) in Hunan Province and the design institutes from all over the province, scientific research units, City lighting management units, manufacturers, distributors, construction enterprises of the 102 member units of 256 delegates and from 21 of the lighting production enterprises inside and outside the head and related personnel attended the meeting. The total number of participants was over 350.

 China's leading lighting industry, China Lighting Society consultant, Hunan Province Lighting Society Honorary chairman Shaohui, China Lighting Society, full-time vice Chairman, party secretary Gao Fei, Hunan Provincial Association of Science and Deng Yiping, director of the Institute of Changsha, deputy director of the city management and administrative law enforcement Authority Zhang Shenjiang, Zhuzhou deputy Director of urban administration and Administrative law enforcement Authority Xia Rongming, Shaoyang deputy director of the city administration and administration of integrated law Enforcement Bureau Su Shi, Zhangjiajie deputy director of the City Administration administration Zhuzhou County, director of the city administration and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Secretary Liu Jiwei, Deputy Director-General Sun Huichi, Jianghua County of the city administration Executive Law Enforcement Bureau, You County, party member of the city administration and Administration Law Enforcement Bureau, Tan Zhixiong, deputy director of the Chaling County city administration and Administrative law Enforcement Bureau Chen Yiwen, Yanling County, deputy director of the city administration and Administration Law Enforcement Bureau Tang, Qiyang County, deputy director of the city administration and Administration Law Enforcement Bureau Imeqing, Hengnan County Linxiang, deputy director of housing and Urban and rural Construction Bureau Wang XUEWU, National Electric light source quality supervision and Testing Center (Shanghai) Director Yuanchi, Shanghai Tongji University building Planning and Design Institute senior engineer Wang, Professor Ding, China Lighting Electric Association lighting magazine editor, China Road Lighting Forum Secretary-General, China Lighting Society Outdoor Lighting Specialist Committee, Interior Lighting Special Commission Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Jianlin, China Lighting Society Lighting system Construction operation of the Professional Council Deputy Secretary-General Li Chaoli, Lin Xiaohua, vice chairman of Xiamen Lighting Society, Shenzhen, Secretary-General of the city Lighting Society, Gokin, Hunan Provincial Institute of Civil and Architectural Society, architect Society, Liu Jinlin, etc. invited to attend the meeting.

 The General Assembly is chaired by Jinwegong. At the meeting, the Hunan Provincial Lighting Society Executive vice Chairman Shovenbin did the academic Association 2016 financial Situation explanation, Chairman Wang Xiaobao to "pragmatic truth, strengthens the society self-construction to keep pace with the times, constructs the three Xiang ecological illumination the work report; Deng Yiping Deputy Inspector, Goofy vice Chairman made an important speech; Shaohui Honorary Chairman of the 2018 annual meeting of Zhuzhou lighting Management Unit, Vice President of the institute Schogev made a warm speech. Jinwegong read out the Academy Honorary Chairman Ninguan will give the General Assembly congratulatory message.

 At 10 o'clock, 2017 years of lighting Technology Forum was held in Hunan province. The forum is chaired by Vice Chairman Jian Ping, Deputy Secretary-General Hu Hua and vice Chairman Shovenbin. At the meeting, the organizer of the conference--------executive president of Central China, Hunan June ze lighting Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman Sho Chengjun, Hunan Province Sunshine Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Design Center General manager Tan Min, Shenzhen Yi Yu Cheng optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Partners Zhou Yi, co-organizer-Changsha light arts landscape Lighting Design Ltd. Nai, Hunan Provence Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Dequan, support unit-Guangdong Zheng Li General Electric Co., Ltd. President Lio Zhimei, General manager of Xu Lianxing, Hunan Prion Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Zhenyu, Vice general manager of Technology center Hunan Yong Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. Assistant general manager of Wang Weiqi, Guangdong Huadian Lighting Co., Ltd. Central Region manager Li Hongzhou, Zhuhai West Electric Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Shei Zhonggui, Guangzhou Langwen Electric Co., Ltd. Design director Hamberg, Guangdong de lighting Industry Co Guangdong Dieson Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. General manager Hong, Zhuhai Hua Mei Lighting co., Ltd. Business manager Xia Jinghui, Shanghai 50 Sheng with information Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Ge Jing, Shenzhen Ecklett Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan District Sales Manager Chamberlin, Jiangsu Asia Lighting Group Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Dong Yue Peak, Hunan Boone Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. General manager Yang to "create, win, share" "competition symbiosis, cooperation and win; Together Zhengyang, create brilliance" A study on the application and development trend of urban intelligent street lamps "Time flies, dream back Home" "LED industry existing problems and development direction" "Intelligent City Lighting" "Hunan Plant Light Culture," the new direction of the new application of super capacitance photovoltaic lamps "----------------------------quality----―― case article" The Power of Light ", the light and the integration of the architecture, light and environment harmony" Urban landscape lighting of the actual project case Show " Guangdong Dieson Washing Window Light Product technology analysis "architectural landscape lighting technology Application Case" illumination change by Wisdom, "from A to A +" outdoor. Public lighting expert ――, "a new LED wash wall lamp" for the title, sharing their new technology, new products and ideas.

 Ding, associate professor of Hunan University, Shanghai Tongji University building Planning and Design Institute senior engineer Wang, National Electric light Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Shanghai) Director Yuanchi respectively on "Urban design and Urban lighting" "Road lighting design and tendering technology should pay attention to the main points" "LED screen and group screen composition Art Essence of discussion" made a wonderful speech.

 The forum lasted 7 hours, the lecture experts, scholars from the arts, technology, innovation, wisdom and other aspects of the point of view, collision insights, wonderful. Participants expressed their benefit.

 In the evening, the organizer of Hunan June Ze, Zhengyang in Hunan, Shenzhen Yi Yu-cheng jointly held a grand "利亚德·君泽, Zhengyang, Yi Yu Cheng Night" gathered dinner.

 At the dinner, the Hunan Provincial Lighting Society held the annual Advanced award ceremony, for 30 of the 2016 Institute of Advanced work units, 19 advanced training units, 40 individuals issued prizes, honorary certificates. Hunan Ming and photoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd. Dance "Flowers bloom rich", Hunan Jinan traffic facilities Lighting landscape Construction Co., Ltd. 's sketch "In fact you do not go far away", Changsha light Arts landscape lighting Design Co. The dinner party ended in a harmonious and warm atmosphere.