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The improper installation of LED lights also affects the lighting effect.

Jul 19, 2017

LED lights are mainly installed in the lamp trough, to create a large area of luminous ceilings and walls, to shape the effect of the wash wall, it is because of its light exposure range, so once the problem will affect a wide range of lighting effects. We choose the LED lamp when we must eyes carefully selected.

LED lights are common to life lighting, in the outdoor variety of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels everywhere, in the room can be said that almost all home lighting will use LED lights, on the one hand is an indirect lighting means, on the other hand is playing a very good decorative effect, create an environment atmosphere. But we can find that LED lights sometimes appear uneven and dim, what is the situation? And how to solve it?

Good quality LED lamp bead, lamp bead and lamp bead brightness is consistent, luminous uniformity, and the lamp belt brightness also must be consistent. Light color should also be consistent, with a white paper close to the lamp with light-emitting surface, eyes directly observed. To want to light with uniform luminous effect, in the purchase to choose the color of good, color index ra>80 is a professional LED lamp belt must meet the requirements. This is also the national standard gb50034-2013 requirements.

 Improper installation of the lamp belt also affects the lighting effect

 Wall painting is not smooth will appear uneven light phenomenon, we can use the installation box can be solved. LED light with the light-emitting angle is usually only 120 °, some of the lamp groove is too high, we can not see LED light produced by the light. In this way, the LED lamp can be padded, so that the lamp belt and the lamp groove along the distance to keep in the 4-125px or so, or the lamp band affixed to the side wall on it.

If the lamp is too long, the tail brightness is not enough, you can use a more powerful constant pressure driver, such as 6 meters of light with 4A electrical appliances, to ensure that the electrical appliances have enough cushion, without causing waste; can also change the connection of the lamp to solve the problem.

LED lamp with the installation to combine indoor and outdoor environment, according to the actual use of the correct installation, to ensure a good light effect, prolong the service life. The use of light is more to create the environment, to add more fun to life!