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What is the Fiber optic light?

Jul 19, 2017

Fiber optic light is a special polymer compounds as a core material to high-strength transparent flame-retardant engineering plastics for the skin, can ensure that for a long period of time will not be broken, deformation and other quality problems, life of at least 10 years. As a result of the use of high-purity core material, which effectively reduces the attenuation of light transmission, to achieve the efficient transmission of light, because of its high purity, low attenuation, easy installation. Reliability, safety, environmental protection, flexibility, integrity, can produce colorful, fantastic visual effects and no UV, low heat, no electric damage, long life, rich color changes, good durability and Plasticity and other characteristics. It is regarded as an alternative to the current decorative lighting means of the ideal material.



Fiber optic lighting system is composed of light source, mirror, color filter and optical fiber. LED fiber optic lighting can create many gorgeous colorful effects, such as: crystal star constellation, twelve constellations, meteor shower, sky waterfall, waterfalls, fiber curtain wall, vertical curtain, three-dimensional mirror painting and so on the effect, colorful, It is a perfect combination of art and life. It is widely used in high-end entertainment such as star hotel, bar, nightclub, KTV, disco, sauna, bathing center and so on.

2 working principle

Fiber optic lighting system is composed of light source, mirror, color filter and optical fiber.

When the light source through the mirror, the formation of a bundle of similar parallel light. Due to the role of the color filter, turn the beam into color light. When the light beam into the fiber, the color of light with the fiber path to a predetermined place.

As the light in the way of loss, so the light is generally very strong. Commonly used light source is about 150 ~ 250W. And in order to obtain an approximately parallel beam, the light emitting point should be as small as possible, similar to the point light source.

Whether the mirror is an important factor in obtaining an approximately parallel beam. So the general use of non-spherical mirror.

The color filter is a part that changes the color of the beam. According to the need, with the exchange of different colors of the filter to obtain the corresponding color light source.

Fiber is the main body of fiber optic lighting systems, the role of optical fiber is transmitted or transmitted to a predetermined place. Optical fiber is divided into two kinds of luminous and luminous. The former is the beam to the endpoint, through the taillight lighting, while the latter itself is the luminous body, forming a flexible light beam.

For optical fiber materials, must be in the visible range, the light energy should be minimized to ensure that the lighting quality. But in fact can not be no loss, so the optical fiber transmission distance of about 30m or so for the best.

Fiber has a single, multi-strand and reticular three. For single-strand fiber, its diameter is Ф6 ~ Ф20mm. At the same time can be divided into two kinds of body light and end light. And for multi-strand fiber, are the end of light. Multi-strand fiber diameter is generally Ф0. 5 ~ Ф3mm, and the number of shares is common for a few root to hundreds of roots.

Mesh fiber is composed of fine diameter optical fiber composition can be composed of flexible optical band.

led waterproof panel light.jpg

In theory, the light is linearly propagated, but in practical applications, people want to change the direction of light transmission.Through centuries of unremitting efforts of scientists, the use of lenses and mirrors and other optical components to infinitely change the direction of transmission And the emergence of fiber optic lighting, it is built in a limited number of changes in the direction of light transmission, to achieve the flexible transmission of light.As the arc after several times after the split into a straight line, fiber optic lighting is an infinite reflection, the light With the optical fiber path to achieve a flexible transmission.But the flexibility of fiber optic transmission, and did not change the light of the classical theory of linear transmission.

The fiber is made of polymer solution of liquid polymer, which has the characteristics of strong light guide, energy saving, durable, no heat, no pollution, flexible, variable color, wide environmental adaptability and safe use. Optical fiber light guide way is divided into soft and warm line of optical fiber and shiny light fiber, widely used in building decoration lighting, landscape lighting, cultural relics lighting, special occasions lighting, billboards, entertainment and other Decorative lighting works. Fiber type ordinary type solid line light light, PVC solid line light light, thermoplastic solid point light light, PVC solid point light fiber

3 composition characteristics

Fiber optic lighting

1. A single light source may have a plurality of light emitting points having the same light emission characteristics;

2. Light source easy to replace, but also easy to repair;

3. The light emitters can be placed in locations where non-professionals are difficult to access and therefore are destructive;

4. No UV, infrared light, can reduce the damage to certain items such as cultural relics, textiles;

5. Light-emitting point miniaturization, light weight, easy to replace, install, can be made into a small size, placed in glassware or other small objects to form a special decorative lighting effect;

6. No electromagnetic interference, can be used in nuclear magnetic resonance room, radar control room and other electromagnetic shielding requirements within the special places;

7. No spark, no shock hazard, can be used in chemical, oil, natural gas platform, fountain pool, swimming pool and other fire, explosive or damp watery special places;

8. Can automatically change the light color;

9. Can be reused, saving investment;

10. Soft and easy to fold is not fragile, easy to be processed into a variety of different patterns; system fever is lower than the general lighting system, can reduce the air conditioning system power consumption.

System composition

1. System configuration

The fiber optic lighting system can be divided into point light (i.e., end light emitting) systems and line luminescence (i.e., side luminescence) systems.

2. System composition

(1) light emitter

The light emitter device includes a light source, a reflector, an ultraviolet (UV) and an infrared (IR) filter and a rotating glass color wheel (optional). According to its internal distribution of different light sources, generally divided into halogen series and metal halide lamp series two. Which halogen light source power is generally 50W or 75W, the input voltage of AC 12V (device comes with power transformers), for museums or exhibition halls on the temperature and humidity and ultraviolet, infrared special control requirements of the place; metal halide light source Power is generally 150W or 200W, the input voltage of AC 220V, for building contour lighting and facade lighting and other places require high brightness. Depending on the degree of protection, the light emitter device is generally divided into indoor and outdoor type. Rotary glass color wheel can be equipped with up to eight colors automatically transform. The device can be controlled by the computer according to the setting procedure, or the audio signal output by the sound system can be controlled synchronously. The device comes with power plug, the applicable power supply for the AC 220V, 50Hz.

(2) light-emitting conductor

The light-emitting conductor is generally made of plastic or glass fiber bundles or single plastic fibers, taking into account the light attenuation during transmission, its length is generally not more than 30m. Can be solved in series through the system. Common light-emitting conductors are the following two:

1. Light-emitting fiber

The fiber is coated with a very thin plastic or fiberglass coating to prevent light from alienation. There is an opaque lining and a layer of plastic, rubber or metal wire heat resistant, UV protection (for protection and support Fiber), sub-indoor type and outdoor waterproof type two, are required with a light-emitting terminal accessories.

2. Line light fiber

The fiber uses a special structure, can be a long luminous, its outside a layer of transparent lining and a layer of heat-resistant, UV-resistant PVC transparent protective cover, the diameter specifications are 8mm, 11mm and 15mm three, sub-standard and Outdoor waterproof type two, are required with non-luminous terminal accessories.

(3) terminal accessories

Whether it is a light-emitting fiber or the end of the line-emitting fiber, are required to configure the terminal accessories. According to the different luminescence characteristics of spot-emitting fiber and line-emitting fiber, there are two types of terminal accessories:

1. Luminous Terminal Accessories: Various types of reflective or direct-type light-emitting accessories similar to luminaires arranged at the point of light-emitting fiber ends, with lamp type, lens type (condenser or divergent light), ground-specific and underwater Type terminal.

2. Non-luminous terminal accessories: configure the online light-emitting fiber terminal, for the opaque closed envelope.

typical application

Because of the many characteristics of fiber optic lighting, making its application is extensive, according to different use of sites and the use of the results of its typical application analysis.

1. Video conference desk lighting

Using the end of the light-emitting system, configure the condenser lens-type light-emitting terminal accessories from the top of the vertical irradiation, the formation of dot-like spot on the table, through the participants to read and write without affecting the slide projection to explain the (in general lighting or brightness reduction Case).

2. Turn on the top of the higher, difficult to carry out maintenance or can not load the effect of lighting

The end of the luminous system for the hotel lobby for the tall dome of the sky shape, together with the diffuse light lens-type light-emitting terminal accessories and rotating glass color plate, can form a star sparkling dynamic effects, far from the general lighting system comparable.

3. Outside the public lighting of the building

The use of landing tube (line light) system or buried point Chen guidance type (end light) system for marking lighting, compared with the general lighting to reduce the light source maintenance workload, and no leakage risk.

4. Outdoor fountain underwater lighting

Using the end of the light-emitting system, equipped with underwater-type terminal for outdoor fountain underwater lighting, and can be output by the audio system audio signal synchronization control light output and light color conversion. Its lighting effects and safety is better than ordinary low-pressure underwater lighting system, and easy to maintain, no leakage risk.

5. Building contour lighting and facade lighting

The use of line luminescence system and the combination of the end of the light-emitting system, the building wheel Guo and facade lighting. Such as the Hong Kong Bank of China building facade Christmas decorative lighting system, the system pattern trendy, rich color changes. Its construction is convenient, the installation cycle is short, with strong timeliness, and can be reused, saving investment.

6. Interior lighting of buildings

The use of end-emitting system, configuration condenser lens or diffuse light-emitting type light-emitting terminal accessories for indoor local lighting. Such as the Louvre Museum of temperature and humidity and ultraviolet, infrared special control requirements of silk artifacts, paintings or cultural relics of cultural relics, are used fiber optic lighting system.

7. Building billboard lighting

The light-emitting fiber is soft and easy to break, is easy to be processed into a variety of different patterns, no shock hazard, no need for high-voltage transformers, can automatically change the light color, and easy installation and installation, so often used to set Building billboards on the building.Compared with the traditional neon lights, fiber optic lighting has obvious and performance advantages.


1. The light is installed

General luminous devices should be placed in a convenient operation, easy maintenance and outsiders are not easy to close the place. Indoor light-emitting device can be installed directly in the electrical shaft of the special bracket, but also can be placed in a lock with the distribution box, wall mounted or embedded wall concealed; outdoor light can be installed directly in the outdoor On the stand, it can also be placed in a locked outdoor rainproof box, on the wall or on the angle bracket. The metal protective housing and metal mounting fittings of the system should be electrically connected to the lightning protection devices on the roof. Installation should also be based on the actual situation of the scene with a reliable power outlet.

2. Fiber installation

The placement of the luminescent fiber is similar to that of a general cable, which can be worn on a PVC plastic pipe or along a plastic trunking. The length should be straightened and the bending is reduced to prevent bending loss. If there is a bend, the radius of the bend should be greater than or equal to 12 times its diameter.

The luminescent fiber is usually laid on the surface of the billboard, the surface of the building or the interior wall of the building. It can be fixed with a staple or strap. The radius of the bend should be greater than or equal to 20 times its diameter. Good waterproof treatment.

3. Connect the light-emitting fiber to the light-emitting terminal accessory

Generally use a dedicated connection kit to connect the light-emitting fiber and light-emitting terminal accessories together. In order to ensure the system's bright output, the installation should ensure that the light-emitting terminal accessories interface port clean, light-emitting fiber cutting should be straight and clean, the entire connection process should be dust-proof measures.

Emergency Panel.jpg

4. Light-emitting terminal accessories installed

Basic with the installation of ordinary lamps, do not repeat them here. In summary, the advantages of fiber optic lighting is obvious, but its price is higher. We believe that with the development of science and technology and the realization of large-scale production of optical fiber lighting products, the cost will be reduced to an acceptable range, so that fiber optic lighting products in more areas have a wider range of applications, its unique dynamic Lighting effects and physical characteristics will make architectural lighting more colorful.

4 Features

Fiber optic lighting is energy-saving, can be the art of modeling new lamps.It combines high-brightness side of the luminous plastic fiber bundles, one or both ends with high brightness of the colorful source, the role of electronic control devices can be different The color of the building wall decoration, it is colorful, stylish gorgeous, dynamic, elegant and elegant. Because of power, durable. Crystal sky design is the interior of the basic lighting system to add, in any part of the need to create a pleasant, relaxed and elegant atmosphere, can play a role. From the vibrant private space, such as the bathroom, the dining room, the bedroom, etc., to the atmosphere of public places such as bars, dance floor, cinema, hotel lobby, etc .; from wet or difficult to replace the bulb, such as swimming pool, sauna, Room ceiling, to the exhibition room and difficult to climb on the high top, crystal stars are regarded as the designer of the first choice, which in addition to the basic lighting system can be added, but also make the whole environment is elegant, elegant and elegant. The bright stars are colorful, light and soft, stylish and elegant, creating a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, so that space is full of fairy tale psychedelic colors. Optical lighting brought about by the elegant cold light is also very suitable for passenger elevators, conference rooms, dining tables and comfortable private study and other lighting.

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