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Uv-led or will lead the LED lighting industry!

Jul 20, 2017

LED application of the rapid popularization of our lives has brought great convenience. LED is so fire, thanks to the unique characteristics of LED lighting, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption. So LED lighting is also known as the green light source! And uv-led is the focus of the field of LED!

According to statistics, the 2016 global led industry market scale of up to 699.6 billion yuan, growth rate of 8. 6%. Foreign experts expect growth in the global led industry to slow in the coming years. However, in the Chinese market, 2016 is the LED industry mammoth one years, LED lighting output for the first time to break through the 500 billion mark, and steady growth. Among them, Uv-led has sprung up in recent years, its market and application of rapid development, UV curing technology is the world's highest concern, compared to the traditional UV mercury lamp, uv-led can be directly converted into UV light, and emits a single band ultraviolet light, light energy is highly concentrated in a specific ultraviolet band, has been widely used in adhesives, paints, inks, coatings and so on. Industry insiders believe that uv-led efficiency, environmental protection and real energy consumption is low, is the real green industrial technology, many led enterprises active layout, transformation to do uv-led subdivision areas, the introduction of relevant application products, uv-led will become the next Tuyere lighting industry is the trend.

1. Why is uv-led so popular?

Uv-led's welcome international background dates back to 2013, when the Convention on Mercury Water Minamata was formally signed and adopted, in this Convention, there are special provisions expressly restricting mercury emissions, including the prohibition of the production and import and export of mercury-containing products, in which batteries, switches, relays, soaps and cosmetics are all common necessities. Although led in the field of lighting quickly replaced the high-energy incandescent lamp, but in the area of lighting, such as printing, curing, medical and other areas have not yet achieved complete ban on mercury.

The emergence of uv-led is undoubtedly the dawn of hope, it can not only replace the mercury-containing ultraviolet light source, but also its economic and social benefits to further enhance.

Uv-led (i.e. UV light emitting diode, UV light-emitting diode) is a kind of solid-state semiconductor device which can convert electric energy directly into ultraviolet light. uv-led light source operating temperature is usually under 100 , with long service life, high reliability, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, no thermal radiation, is conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics, in recent years in UV curing has been gradually applied.

Uv-led Features:

Long service life: more than 20,000 hours;

Energy-saving effect is significant, up to 90%;

Non-IR thermal radiation: will not cause the workpiece thermal stress and thermal deformation; Small size, flexible configuration: The volume is only 0. 1cm3;

Energy concentration: More than 98% of the light output is in the ultraviolet band; Main Crest Narrow single: More than 90% light output concentrated in the vicinity of the main crest ±10nm range; DC Low voltage drive: Suitable for portable UV equipment;

Output power stable, continuous adjustable;

Instantaneous light: No preheating time required, response time is microsecond;? Opening and closing times do not affect the service life, do not need a shutter;

Environmental protection: ROHS-compliant, mercury-free.

2, uv-led curing application is broad, all major fields have involved

According to industry research, uv-led in the last seven or eight years to maintain a burst-type growth, composite annual growth rate of up to 28. 5%, especially in 2016, light curing, sterilization, purifying the market and other applied technology gradually mature, uv-led market has become a new led industry blue Sea. So what applications will uv-led be in?

First, we need to understand the range of ultraviolet spectrum, because each band of light source has a unique attribute, can be produced, produced into different led packaging products.

UVA band, Wavelength 320-420nm, known as long-bh spot effect ultraviolet rays, it has a strong penetration rate.

UVB band, Wavelength 275~320nm, known as UVB effect ultraviolet, medium penetrating force.

UVC Band, Wavelength 200~275nm, known as shortwave sterilization ultraviolet rays, its penetration ability is weakest.

UVD Band, Wavelength 100~200nm, also known as vacuum ultraviolet.

Asahi Photoelectric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. As a well-known domestic led packaging enterprises, to help environmental protection, power led UV packaging, in the traditional LED lighting field has achieved good results. At present, in the field of ultraviolet led thick thin hair, carried out a series of research and development innovation, with the current introduction of the industry mainstream products 3535, 5050 Ceramic UV Molding package As an example, they as a hot LED products, quality and application has achieved a major breakthrough, the following are product samples and reference parameters.


The above two products have the following excellent features:

1. All uses the gold-plated ceramic substrate, the product anti-aging performance is strong, does not need to worry the product Vulcanization blackening.

2. Product lighting angle can provide 120°/60° two kinds of options.

3. Two-way Zener diodes provide the best electrostatic resistance.

4. High radiation flux: 700mA can provide more than 1000mW UV radiation flux.

5. Wavelength: Provides 365/385/395/405nm of various standard wavelengths.

6. Wide range of applications: UV printing, UV exposure, UV curing, UV anti-false, UV mosquito lamp nail lamps and so on.

From the above two products, we can glimpse uv-led huge industrial value and application value, it in the printing, exposure, anti-counterfeiting, curing and other fields have a good performance, the future, we will witness uv-led application to a wider field.

Of course, the uv-led curing machine and mercury lamp can provide ultraviolet light, but also has long life, no heat radiation, less power consumption, low cost of use, precision adjustable, small size, light source shape can be customized mercury lamp does not have the characteristics, has been successfully applied in many industrial assembly areas:

LCD manufacturing, cameras and other optical products manufacturing, optical disk manufacturing, watch manufacturing, buzzer, mobile phone keypad assembly, electronic circuit board manufacturing, polarizing components manufacturing, micro-motor assembly and other electronic components manufacturing; In addition, the uv-led UV curing machine in the civil application also in the gradual development:

Commodity field, mainly used in household products manufacturing, furniture production, toy production, glass technology, glass crafts assembly, jewelry and other ornaments, such as assembly, inlay, positioning and printing.

3, the uv-led Point light source and the line light source popularization faces the challenge and the foreground is bright

Uv-led first to receive and popularize the application is the point light source.

uv-led Luminous unit outside the size of only a few millimeters, the light-emitting body for the side length of 1mm square body, light point is small, very suitable through the optical path system to achieve a good concentration effect, to achieve high intensity ultraviolet light spot.

Point light is suitable for curing area only a few millimeters, at the same time require a high intensity of UV irradiation point-like curing occasions, such as: laser head, optical fiber connector, fiber coupler, LCD, OLED, hard disk, smart card, sensors, micro-motor, encoder manufacturing, solder point reinforcement.

The light emitted by the uv-led line is mostly narrow, slender lines of light. It is necessary to design a special optical path system to converge a row of uv-led emitted by a plurality of light spots into a narrow, uniform, high-intensity wire-like light.

Uv-led has many advantages, but there are still a lot of restrictions uv-led popularization of the place, the current uv-led line light source has a high cost, single power small, optical path system complex, Crest narrow and light initiator matching poor problems.

Cost and luminous intensity are the main aspects restricting the popularization of uv-led, and the development and design of line light source should follow the following points:

Optical path system is the key, good optical system should be energy concentration, uniform, so as to reduce the solidified workpiece deformation and reduce the solidification stress, improve the curing precision, high irradiation intensity, make curing more efficient; special shape line light source, more adaptable, to meet the needs of more stations, make its application more popular; more energy-saving and environmental protection and lower cost.

A The uv-led line light source and the dispensing machine cooperate realizes the chip fast seal and the flow-shop, because the uv-led energy is high, the light output is stable, the irradiation is even, makes the production more quick and efficient.

b Because uv-led is a cold light source, no thermal radiation, small temperature rise to meet the requirements of the production of liquid crystal display, LCD manufacturing process, through the uv-led line light source for liquid crystal edge, and the FPC and LCD screen connection for cable reinforcement, simple and fast and efficient.

C uv-led Line light source with UV ink can be used in the field of printing.

D Syringe Needles manufacture.

E Headphones, Mike Manufacturing.

f) Sensor encapsulation.

4, the cost of surface light source is very high development limited

The uv-led surface light source also does not have the heat radiation, the curing furnace temperature may control at the room temperature; many led luminous point evenly distributes, many groups for the ultraviolet irradiation optimized design specialized lens group, the illumination uniformity is good, the edge and the center irradiation intensity consistency is extremely good. And can customize the Glow area shape and size according to user's requirement.

The uv-led surface light source in the same input power situation, compared to the mercury lamp, the irradiation cost is expensive, according to the output power calculation, the cost is expensive than the mercury lamp.

At present, the application and popularization of uv-led surface light source is the main breakthrough in small surface light source, now the irradiation intensity of small surface light source can reach hundreds of to 1000 MW per square centimeter, and the high irradiation intensity brings higher production efficiency; On the other hand, small surface light source energy concentration and no thermal radiation, so its cooling system and the whole irradiation system tend to miniaturization, the application is more convenient.

Compared with point light source and line light source, the cost of surface light source is high, which restricts the application and development of surface light source.

5. The wide application of uv-led will meet the needs of all sectors of society.

With the decreasing cost of uv-led, the popularization of uv-led is being transited from point source to line light source (the popularization of surface light source still needs a period of time), in the field of industrial assembly and commodity, the line light source will get more application. The development trend of line light source is refinement, that is, according to the different use occasions (wavelength, irradiation area shape, irradiation intensity, etc.) appear various classification, satisfy different working condition demand.

At the same time, on the one hand, with the development of uv-led, the application of uv-led will be more extensive and the advantages will become more and more obvious. On the other hand, the state has advocated energy conservation and environmental protection, for the new energy-related industries to provide a variety of positive, encouraging High-tech enterprises bold innovation. Uv-led is maturing, the enterprise has the responsibility and the duty to provoke the uv-led development the heavy responsibility, strives for the society to create the value.