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2017 to upgrade 23 projects

Jul 21, 2017

It is understood that the 2017 urban lighting project mainly include: Swan L. Scenic Area and surrounding areas, Gao Tienan station area, railway station area, Jinzhai elevated, Baohe Avenue Viaduct, Yangtze River West Road elevated, Baohe Park, HuanCheng Park, river and river bridge, building lighting upgrade, such as 23 projects, estimated investment of about 371 million yuan.

This project will be based on green, energy-saving, environmental protection requirements, the establishment of important buildings as the point, with elevated bridges and rivers along the coast for the line, Park, Square, business district as the face of the complete urban night landscape system, highlighting the "water, Green, city, bridge" and other landscape elements, to create exquisite, concise, atmospheric, smooth City night atmosphere.

Focus on the integrity of the point line, "point" to highlight the city's commanding heights, urban landmarks and so on; Line "to highlight the city's rivers, bridges, etc." Face "to highlight the main road, the city's key areas of elevation, etc., will be the three natural combination, form a unified whole.

In addition, Hefei each district, the development zone construction has the region characteristic, one to two characteristic block landscape illumination fine project. To use green energy-saving lighting new technology, intelligent control technology, reduce the energy consumption of landscape lighting, reduce light pollution.

To promote the important historical and cultural monuments, highlighting the important historic sites such as Lee Mansion, Ming Temple, Breeze Pavilion and Bao Gong Temple, to build a bright belt of night sightseeing tour with the blending of historical culture and modern breath.

Completes the river Urban Section Bridge and the important node lighting project, builds along the river ecology landscape Bright belt, through the landscape brightness outlines the city water line, displays the city green forest Winding, the shadow lake mutually beneficial beauty.

To the core business circle of important building lighting facilities to upgrade, further enrich, enrich the lighting project, create a good business atmosphere, to create a stylish, prosperous atmosphere of the city night.

Each district should combine with the combination of cultural characteristics, street-view unique characteristics of the streets, similar to Beaulieu Street, European customs street, such as the special street lighting construction, to create distinctive features, can reflect the unique charm and cultural characteristics of the night landscape.

In addition, we must overhaul the urban streets, Beijiexiaoxiang street lights and line joints, buried cables, transformers, street lamp control box, intelligent monitoring Terminal system. The realization of remote control, on-line monitoring, fault automatic alarm and video monitoring, and many other functions.

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