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Philips creates a gorgeous LED light show for Jacques Cartier Bridge

Jul 21, 2017

Philips Lighting recently announced that the use of Philips Icolor accent MX PowerCore LED lamps, the Montreal landmark building Jacques Cartier Jacques Cartier Bridges external structure of the framework to build interactive digital light show. The new lighting system of the bridge was first celebrated at the 375 anniversary of the city of Montreal and the 150 anniversary of the founding of Canada.

The 2.5 km bridge has been built for nearly 90 years and has long been one of the landmarks of the Montreal. The new lighting system will create an impressive dynamic effect, creating a vibrant visual experience for local residents and visitors.

The upgraded Jacques Cartier bridge has high quality and energy-saving LED lamps. Through program control, they will create a gorgeous visual effect. Montreal will use this new lighting experience to spice up anniversaries and celebrations. This is the use of High-tech and digital lighting to create public space as a tourist destination, to create economic benefits of the best model. Michael Gentile, president and chief executive of Philips Lighting Canada, said.

Philip light..png

This lighting upgrade uses more than 2,200 sets of Philips color Kinetics icolor Accent MX PowerCore programmable lamps. Through these LED lamps, can create a rich ribbon and gradient effect. Its dynamic resolution provides an accurate display effect for large video, image and fine design, and is widely used in different settings of architecture, retail and entertainment.

outdoor light..png

The concept and design originality of the bridge lighting show was led by the local time factory in Montreal, with 6 local multimedia and lighting studios working together. They are Ambiances Productions, ATOMIC3, Éclairage public/ombrages, Lucion Média, Réalisations and Udo design.

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