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US scientists develop high brightness bulbsV

Jul 24, 2017

American scientists are actively developing one of the world's brightest bulbs, which will be 1 billion times times brighter than the surface of the sun. It can help health care workers to find small tumors or cracks that were not previously visible, which is really practical.

According to reports, the team of scientists at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (University of Nebraska-lincoln), to produce one of the world's brightest bulbs, it emits more than 1 billion times times as much light as the sun's surface, an incredibly bright light cannon, which researchers believe can be used as a new type of X-ray to produce a clearer picture of a higher resolution than the traditional one.

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The light emitted by this very high light bulb can help the human eye to see more details of the object, effectively helping health care workers, engineers and various scientific experts in practical applications to improve safety at work.

Traditionally, an electron emits only one photon at a time, but this "very bright research lab" (Extreme Light Laboratory) develops a light bulb that emits nearly thousands of photons, which means that the brightness of a traditional bulb can be increased by a few thousand times.


The light bulb, which is hard to imagine, basically alters what we can see in the future, and the beams it emits will make it hard for every detail to escape from the human eye. So when you turn on this lamp, you will find that everything you've seen in the past has become different, not the world you have seen and experienced in the past, and the beams of light will change the appearance of the object, and each tiny detail is clearly visible.

The researchers say this can solve the problem of traditional X-rays not being able to see tiny tumors or cracks, but can also be used in "speeding cameras", taking the transition process of chemical reactions, and the process of electronic movement. This study has been tried for years, but it has failed because of the inability to find light sources.


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