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Three photoelectric to the future led development to maintain optimism

Jul 24, 2017

Capital market seems to be on every day on the stage of "Black Swan event", the recent listing of LED enterprises three Optoelectronics is facing such a problem, to the enterprise also brought great pressure. There has been a media explosion of three photoelectric high-level violations of law and discipline!

The amount of government subsidy involving more than 3 billion yuan, led to the Friday share price tumbled, the three senior executives held a conference call last week in response to media rumors, in the boom, the three photoelectric will start from August to 10 units per month MOCVD speed to put new capacity, in the demand for new application incentives, three photoelectric said the next 1-2 years led price stability. The members of the conference include former chairman Lin Shucheng, current Chairman Lin Zhiqiang, and Li Charcoal.

Despite the response to a number of subsidies, but in the boom part, the top three can be said to release a relatively optimistic message. Three opto-Electronics said that the new application of fast-driving demand, three opto-electronics in the next two years of high visibility, from the pricepoint of view, the next 1-2 years willbe more stable. 

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The current global market rate of three opto-electronic is about 12%, the future will be 30% as the goal, to this end, the three optoelectronics will continue to expand production, the future will be put into 100 MOCVD equipment (4 inch 31), starting from August, each month will be the speed of 10 units put into production, production capacity will continue to release. From a global point of view, Taiwan manufacturers in the reduction, Samsung, Philips and other plants through the three opto-electronics foundry to give up the expansion; Hua can photoelectric although there is a plan to increase production, but with the three photoelectric products distribution, model classification, the overall, the future market will be in a benign direction.

Three photoelectric also to micro led related problems have responded, refers to the three photoelectric has been put into research and development for 1-2 years, in the laboratory output, but in small size, a small amount of production still need to import the key equipment, three photoelectric notice, at the end of 2018 will have a small size products, but to 2020 have the opportunity to put into production.

The three opto-Electronics also responded to investors ' questions about 17 after the 2016 tax. 400 million yuan, after the 1th quarter of this year, the net benefit is 6. 1.2 billion yuan, from the three opto-electronics began to put into production now, the main business has been rising, the subsidy account is getting smaller, and the announcement in line with the time.

The identity background of the three photoelectric is special, in addition to the exchange of shares with the world, become a crystal TV, with Taiwan's LED factory has links, also has the mainland government shares capital injection; As for the rapid development of technology, one of the reasons is that many of the Taiwan led industry, especially the crystal power, through a number of technical bottlenecks.

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