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Cree and ester chemical Corp successfully released the new generation of automotive lighting market LED Lighting

Jul 24, 2017

In order to fully promote the transformation of LED lighting industry, expand automotive Lighting Market cooperation, Shanghai Branch Rui Photoelectric Development Co., Ltd. and the domestic famous LED lights Enterprise Zhongshan Easy Tatsu optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd./Shenzhen Yi da optoelectronics Co Zhongshan Easy things Tatsu photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Xu Baozhou, Shenzhen Yi-da optoelectronics Co., Ltd. President Sulei, Mr. Li San Xian, sales general manager in Asia, Mr. Liu Wenwen, Vice general manager of China Market, Mr. Rui attended the event.

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Zhongshan ester chemical Corp Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Xu Baozhou said: "Branch Sharp led to become our automotive lighting market after the best choice of light source, because it can meet our diverse design requirements, its excellent light efficiency and thermal performance also help us to develop a revolutionary headlight products." Branch Sharp LED for our products to bring immediate improvement, so that we continue to maintain a leading position in the market competition. ”

Through the "Center/side Light source brightness =120%" Innovative design, easy things tatsu F1 Intelligent led car headlights can make the road surface concentrating effect better, measured the distance increased by more than 50 meters, to help drivers find ahead of the road ahead of time, to deal with emergencies, improve the safety of cars.

Heat dissipation is an important problem to be paid attention to and overcome in the design of LED lamp. Ke Rui Ceramic base high-power led to achieve a better cooling effect, for the lamp in the high-temperature conditions still maintain the ideal working conditions to lay a good foundation. Easy to achieve independent research and development of the high thermal conductivity of aviation aluminum 8-layer fin cooling system further enhance the heat dissipation capacity, thereby reducing the LED lights fade, enhance the reliability of LED headlights, while prolonging the life of LED lights.

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Easy to reach the new led car headlamps, but also to solve the individual lampshade due to the narrow space caused by the lamp difficult to install the problem. Based on the innovative technology platform of the new generation of LED, package size is smaller, while its lumen density can be higher than the existing high-power led 4 times times. This advantage can help lighting manufacturers to develop smaller, higher-performance lighting systems, while creating innovative design possibilities for space-constrained lighting applications.

Mr. Li San Xian, general manager of sales in Asia, said: "Branch Rui continuously put resources to promote led innovation, improve led performance, and promote the development of the entire industry." Our new generation of technology platform based on the branch in the epitaxial structure, chip architecture, optical transformation and other technical areas of progress, embodies a number of devices and technology aspects of the advanced. This platform is designed to greatly enhance the lighting application of LED performance, to help customers calmly solve the assembly, thermal design, optical design, reliability and other challenges. ”

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