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Cree launched new building lighting clq6a

Jul 24, 2017

CREE announces the launch of clq6a RGBW (red/green/blue/white) led, extending its leading series of architectural application lighting-level LED.

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CLQ6A is the first 1 W RGBW led, which can be independently controlled in similar products, to provide new designs that could not be implemented previously. The four-in-one clq6a led provides a single point of light, enabling excellent optical control, efficient color blending and simplified design to help lighting manufacturers provide a stunning and differentiated architectural lighting program.

"Building lighting is one of the most challenging applications because of the size, visibility and complexity of its installation," said Li Yongtao, director of research and Development at the Grand Canyon LED lighting system. This is why our brand trust choice of branch Sharp LED. Branch Sharp LED provides excellent luminous flux output, rich color selection and excellent color consistency, perfect for building lighting. The high reliability of the LED makes our products even in poor outdoor conditions can still have outstanding performance. ”

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CLQ6A adopts 5MMX5 2mm package, which provides 8.2LM Blue, 30lm Green, 14lm red, 25lm white light under 100mA current conditions. This is more than 7 times times brighter than the SI one led, which is used for building lighting without optimal design. Section Rui also offers PC Amber product options, extending its clx6f series, using 3.4MMX3 5mm package, providing 23LM optical output under 105mA current conditions. These new LEDs offer unique design options and extend the combination of LED products for the existing architectural lighting applications, including high-power XLamp xq-a, xq-e, xp-e2 and xm-l color LEDs.

Ke Rui led senior vice president and general manager Dave Emerson said: "Ke Rui constantly develop new optimized application LED, to provide our customers with the best choice to meet their design requirements." In the past, only high and low power LED is available for color selection. Now with the new clq6a and clx6f led, we are expanding the industry's better lighting application led product portfolio to sharpen the light output and innovative reliability to fill the performance gap between the market and customer demand. ”

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