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Smart Lighting products Prices are still high this year

Jul 24, 2017

The price of smart lighting products is still relatively high this year: first, the product development needs to invest a large number of scientific and technical personnel, funds and equipment, coupled with supporting software, structural design, and so on, the cost is very high; second, intelligent lighting products are positioned as a tall commodity, so the price is often higher than ordinary lighting products.

Heng Ming (Chongqing) technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Yaowen that 2016, can be called "intelligent lighting the Year", domestic and foreign lighting enterprises warlords "wisdom." At this stage, intelligent lighting products such as Philips, Osram and other giants have their own enterprise product standards, but these standards are intellectual property rights, difficult to share. Therefore, at present the whole industry lacks common standards, the market is still in the Warring States Period of "contending", only when the big wave scouring the sand, the market form oligarch pattern, the industry unification standard will really form.

At the same time, many consumers of intelligent lighting understanding only stay in the intelligent single product, and intelligent single product due to lack of systematic thinking, it is difficult to do intelligent lighting configuration, difficult to give consumers a superior lighting experience, thus affecting the intelligent lighting products in the market reputation.

The future of intelligent lighting is the trend of optical environment of things, in other words, it can be based on the external environment and personal preferences, to create a comfortable space, and to maximize the creation of energy-saving new lighting experience, such as winter, summer, work, visitors, viewing, etc. can obtain the most comfortable, the most energy-saving light environment space. 

2017, intelligent lighting products in new buildings and existing buildings are expected to be successfully implemented energy-saving transformation, and in the policy guidance and the demonstration effect of key projects, will be the first in the field of engineering implementation, and gradually to the home field impact, infiltration. 

Public lighting will become an important growth point of intelligent lighting market 

Chongqing Ring Asia Electronics Co., Ltd. General manager Huang Xia that for the intelligent lighting market penetration rate, I think, the smart lighting in the municipal lighting market penetration will be faster than the consumer market, municipal lighting market share in the future will reach 20%-50%, and consumer estimates to reach 10% is not simple. 

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At present, in the terminal market, intelligent lighting products in the industry standards, technical level and product prices and other aspects of the problems have not been substantially improved, especially standards, so the development of intelligent lighting is still hesitated forward.

In my opinion, "intelligence" is to liberate human life as far as possible, and intelligent lighting products in use need to be more in line with the potential needs of human nature, so that it is more comfortable and convenient in the environment of daily life. At present, most consumers of intelligent lighting is not fully understood, but in the light of the strong publicity and popularization of lighting enterprises, the consumer demand for smart lighting this year will be increased, but mainly concentrated in the high-end market. 

This year the market for intelligent lighting, first in the public lighting market increased faster, and consumer market growth depends on the standard of unity and reasonable price, if the intelligent lighting products can not achieve interconnection, but also stay in the propaganda. 

Intelligent lighting Market has four trends this year 

Zhongqing Qing Ling Design Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. General manager Wang that intelligent lighting is to achieve the intelligent management of lighting. Illumination can extend the time line of city, landscape and architecture, thus expand the economic lifeline of landscape and city in space and time level, enhance the economic value of illumination object, and create new economic growth point for city and scenic spot. Although the majority of consumers are still not aware of intelligent lighting, but with the development of new products, will increase consumer understanding of smart new products, consumer demand will increase the likelihood.

In recent years, from the technical innovation point of view, China led chip technology and the international leading level of the gap between the smaller, packaged applications in some aspects have led the global industry, equipment and materials development is very rapid. and intelligent lighting to LED lighting industry to bring earth-shaking changes and considerable market size, but in my opinion, the promotion and development of intelligent lighting industry can not rely on a single industrial management model, but should boldly try to expand the new field of lighting engineering, from the traditional architectural lighting, interior lighting, road lighting to rich artistic landscape lighting, lighting show, with a more open vision for the lighting industry to bring new opportunities for development. 

This year's intelligent lighting market has four trends: first, to promote the overall urban lighting planning to lighten energy-saving, rational allocation of resources; second, expand the scope of lighting engineering business to expand domestic demand, promote the industry to deepen development; third, the development of new technologies, the popularization of light sources to establish technological advantages, integration of industry; four, improve the design quality, art position to enhance the image of the city, to meet the needs of the public aesthetic; v. actively explore overseas markets to expand external needs, promote the growth of industrial 

Current intelligent lighting is a serious lack of experience 

Foshan Guo Chen Yun Shang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. General manager Huang that from the technical model, there are two ways to realize intelligent lighting: One is 86 single fire intelligent Switch Panel transformation, the other is the transformation of lamp control chip. Plan one is to achieve a short period of national single fire transformation, this is not realistic, the current single fire switch is still the industry "pain Point", at least in two years to see the possibility of technology is not overcome. The feasibility of Scheme II is more significant, but it needs the attention and support of the industry, and the integration and docking of the agreement. For the smart lighting market penetration rate, the new house in two years to achieve more than 50% of the share, the old house to achieve 5% of the share, which is quite realistic. 

In the market, industry standard formulation is very important, can save costs and speed up efficiency. At present, the point-to-point infrared communication is not suitable for the intelligent lighting market, you can consider Bluetooth communication 4. 0 or low energy ZigBee. and the RF as a traditional control protocol does not allow intelligent lighting, the main reason is that the bandwidth is a bit "narrow", easy to string interference. The price of intelligent lighting products depends on the competitiveness of the level of intelligent transformation, so the current price is reasonable.

In my opinion, the current intelligent lighting serious lack of experience, need to do more exhibition halls, take more measures to popularize, so that consumers understand the intelligent lighting environmental protection, comfort, energy-saving advantages. Although the market of the non-intelligent lighting urgently needs to be reformed and upgraded, the old industry will face great transformation pressure, but the intelligent lighting has formally ascended the historical stage, the industry unified Agreement standard will be promoted. In addition, by intelligent home, intelligent community, smart home appliances and other markets drive, this year's intelligent lighting market will enter an obvious accelerated outbreak. 

Smart lighting market share is expected to achieve a substantial increase

Yinchuan Long Qing Bo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. General manager Li Yuzhong that intelligent lighting products are now in the period of innovation and development, the country also does not have a unified industry standards, and therefore can not measure the level of the technology manufacturers. At the same time, market product prices are uneven, consumers are also under the online experience and wait-and-see stage. 

I think that intelligent lighting products is to use the Internet electronic technology to meet consumer demand for all kinds of convenience, such as according to the mood of consumers to adjust the color temperature, according to the requirements of the working environment to adjust the lighting illuminance, according to the consumer's different behavior space and time to control the opening and closing of lighting,

Now most consumers of intelligent lighting product understanding is limited to some media awareness, with the intelligent lighting manufacturers in the physical store to increase the display of intelligent lighting products, "moisten things silently" way to allow consumers to go deeper to feel the intelligent lighting products. And in the display process, if the consumer needs to be recognized, Smart lighting product designation will be in the consumer market share a big improvement. 

Along with the consumer material, the cultural level unceasing enhancement, to the intelligent product unceasing understanding and the stimulation, to the intelligent illumination product also to have a leap-type understanding. In particular, the mainstream of today's consumers and the new, they accept the ability to new things than strong, will lead the market consumption, guide and promote the consumption of intelligent lighting products, so that the consumer of intelligent lighting product to the next step.

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