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"Machine substitution", sun lighting opened led production Automation prologue

Jul 24, 2017

With the progress of science and technology, it is foreseeable that automatic production is an inevitable trend. With the introduction of "machine substitution" support and fund subsidy policy, the process of LED enterprise automation will accelerate.

As labor prices rise, the "demographic dividend" in Chinese manufacturing is disappearing. LED lighting enterprises face the high cost of labor and the embarrassment of declining profits, therefore, in the LED lighting enterprise gradually arose "machine substitution", namely: the use of machine hand, automation control equipment or automated pipeline to LED enterprises to carry out intelligent technical transformation, to achieve attrition, efficiency, quality, security. LED Production automation


Recently, the reporter into the Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Electrical Group Co., Ltd. Production workshop, a section of automatic production equipment to make people refreshing. Since the implementation of the "machine substitution" strategy, the company introduced foreign advanced production equipment and technology, so that the number of employees in the same situation, the production value and output has been greatly improved.


With the rising of labor cost, it has become an important direction of enterprise reform to reduce labor force through "substitution of machine". As a production of LED lighting products and electronic energy-saving lamps mainly private listed enterprises, speeding up the transformation and upgrading is imperative. Because the lighting industry involved in the plug-in and assembly, such as the need for a large number of labor, and in recent years LED lighting products increasing production, "machine substitution" has become the focus of the company's work, automatic equipment updates not only solve the labor costs, but also greatly improve the product consistency and reliability, while making the delivery of products more timely accuracy.

It is reported that the company according to industry characteristics, actively implement the "machine substitution" strategy, since 2013, the company introduced foreign advanced production equipment (Mounter, plug-in machine) and technology, the acquisition of automatic assembly machines and automatic forming line of lamps, so that the company in the number of employees unchanged, output increased by 60%, production increased by 100%. The "Machine substitution" Project uses automatic encapsulation and automatic patch production technology, in the LED light source of the insert, drive SMD and insert on the use of fully automatic production equipment and technology, Labor only 30% of the traditional process, but also effectively improve product consistency and qualified rate. Company in all optical angle and light angle LED lighting production process used in the technology, save a lot of cumbersome wire connection, welding process, reduce the operation difficulty, at the same time directly realize the lamp bead light angle light installation requirements, but also to avoid the welding process exhaust emissions.

Next, the company intends to import the Product Lifecycle Management System (PLM), using PTC's Windchill Product Lifecycle management system for product development, product route design, product lifecycle control. Using PTC Creo Simulate as simulation software to achieve 3D solid modeling, Sheet metal design, assembly design, basic human-machine engineering analysis. In order to accelerate the product development process, to help enterprises shorten the time-to-market.

At present, the company has established the core of Shangyu, Jiangxi, Xiamen as the two wings of the 3 domestic research and development manufacturing base, while in India and Vietnam to establish a production plant, in Belgium, the United States and other countries and Hong Kong set up a marketing center.