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LED Lighting Cooling Module Market situation analysis!

Jul 24, 2017

LED lighting industry has been the development of the entire led upstream and downstream chain industry chain development! Among them, LED lighting cooling Module Market is an easy to be overlooked in the field of lighting. So what is the market for LED lighting cooling module?

1, LED lighting cooling components industry market prospect Analysis

(1) LED lighting cooling demand to promote the development of LED lighting industry

LED is a photoelectric device, its work process only 10% to 40% of the power conversion into light energy, the rest of the electricity almost all converted into heat energy. For lighting LED lamps, the amount of lumen required in a given area may exceed thousands of lumens or tens of thousands of lumens, the LED work process produces the heat concentration in the small size chip, the chip temperature rises, causes the thermal stress the Non-uniform distribution, the chip luminous efficiency and the fluorescent powder lasing efficiency drop; When the temperature exceeds a certain value, the failure rate of the device increases exponentially. When multiple LEDs are arranged to form a white light illumination system, the heat dissipation problem is more serious. Solve the heat dissipation problem has become a prerequisite for LED lighting, especially high-power LED lighting applications.

It is an effective measure to optimize the design of luminaire structure and use external cooling system such as radiator to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED lighting products. At present, the common LED lighting products in the market are mainly composed of LED light source, driving power supply, radiator, other structural parts, radiator and other components together constitute the LED lighting product cooling component. The Heat dissipation module undertakes the heat dissipation function, and as the lamp shell also undertakes the electronic device protection function, causes it to avoid contaminating the dust, the liquid or carries on the unnecessary contact with other substances. A typical LED lighting structure is as follows: 

Source: Public Information collation

In recent years, with the application of LED lighting more and more extensive, LED lighting industry rapid development, Industrial division has made considerable progress. With channel advantages of LED lighting manufacturers to suppliers to purchase thermal components, LED light source, drive power, and then assembled into the finished products to their downstream customers sales. Lamp manufacturers and other customer demand growth to promote the LED lighting cooling components industry sustainable development.

(2) LED lighting industry market growth for the thermal components industry open growth space

LED lighting and incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other traditional light sources, in the energy-saving, environmental protection, service life, color, volume, reaction time and many other advantages, LED lighting to the traditional lighting source replacement is the inevitable trend of the development of lighting market.

In recent years, on the one hand, the cost of LED devices dropped significantly, driven by lower costs, LED lighting products prices in the past two years also showed a sharp decline in the trend; On the other hand, governments also support the LED lighting industry by disabling incandescent lamps, providing research and development subsidies, equipment subsidies, terminal subsidies, directional procurement and encouraging contract energy management models. In these two aspects of the common drive, the global LED lighting penetration rate has been greatly improved.

Global LED illumination penetration rate 

At the same time, the global led illumination market has developed rapidly with the increase of the penetration rate of LED illumination. In 2009, the global LED lighting market was 17, according to Digitimes, a Taiwanese market research agency. $5 billion, 2010 for 37. 1.7 billion U.S. dollars, growth rate of 112%, 2012 market-scale breakthrough billion dollar mark, reached 121. 4.8 billion USD; 2015, the global LED lighting market scale of 299. US $800 million, from 2009 to 2015, with an annual CAGR of 60. 49%.

It is estimated that the 2016 global LED lighting market will reach 346. $400 million, up 15 from 2015. 8%, the global LED lighting market is growing rapidly.

Global LED Lighting Market scale

At present, China LED lighting market has also entered the growth period, with the improvement of the cost-performance of LED chip, integrated lighting design, drive control, heat dissipation technology development and various light environment application characteristics of different types of LED lighting solutions to improve and mature, LED lighting has been more and more infiltration into the traditional areas of illumination, gradually has been widely used and promoted. 2014, China's domestic LED lighting products production of about 16. 700 million, domestic sales of about 7. 500 million, LED lighting products domestic market share (LED lighting products domestic sales/lighting products in the total number of domestic sales) reached 16. 4%, 8 the 2013. 9% rose about 7%, in which commercial lighting showed a blowout-type growth, public lighting grew rapidly, home lighting began to start.

2015, the global accelerated elimination of incandescent lamps, LED has become the mainstream light source lighting. 2015, our domestic LED lighting products production of about 6 billion, domestic sales of about 2.8 billion, LED lighting products domestic market share reached 32%, a rise of about 15% in 2014. 2016, China's domestic LED lighting products production of about 8 billion, year-on-year growth of 33%, domestic sales of about 3.8 billion, year-on-year growth of 35%. LED Lighting products Domestic market share reached 42%, up 10% from 2015.

Domestic market share of LED lighting products in China (domestic sales)

China indoor LED lighting market development

Indoor lighting market including factory lighting, shopping malls indoor lighting, hotel indoor lighting, office indoor lighting, sports venues lighting and home lighting. From the market scale, the indoor lighting market will grow into the largest market because of the wide application group.

LED indoor lighting market development can be divided into three stages, the first stage: incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamp is the main light source of indoor lighting, and LED lighting products are high prices, in the demonstration stage; the second stage: with the global production ban on incandescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs will gradually disappear in the market, energy-saving lamps will dominate the share, LED lighting product share will be upgraded; The third stage: LED lighting products occupy the main indoor lighting market, a large number of leading energy-saving lamps.

At present, our LED indoor lighting products are mainly used in commercial places, such as underground car parks, supermarkets, hotels, etc., in the alternative to accept the transition to the scale of the stage. With the deepening of consumer awareness of LED lighting products, LED indoor lighting began to enter the market space of a huge home lighting field, thus changing people's traditional daily lighting.

the development of outdoor LED lighting market in China

Outdoor lighting market mainly includes road lighting, square lighting, sports ground lighting, station terminal lighting.

Because of its particularity, road illumination is the first market of LED lighting penetrating into the field of traditional lighting. Due to the gradual rise of energy consumption of public transportation, the LED street lamps with obvious energy efficiency have been strongly encouraged and supported by the public sector, the Government has been vigorously promoting the construction of LED lighting demonstration projects in recent years, and promoted the popularization of LED street lamps by providing preferential policies such as government subsidy. Road lighting Market as the LED general lighting market penetration rate of the highest market, at present in the branch of the application of the more mature, but in the main trunk road is still in the exploratory period, the future with LED street light in the main road market penetration rate, LED street lamp market space will be further released.

Compared to the road lighting market, the square, sports ground, station, wharf and other outdoor lighting market lighting products, stability, quality and technical requirements are higher, in these outdoor lighting field LED lighting product penetration is relatively low, the replacement of traditional lighting also needs a market in-depth understanding of the process. With the power supply, chip, cooling and other technologies gradually mature, reliable, stable, high-performance high-power LED outdoor lighting products, as well as market awareness of further deepening, LED lighting in the square, sports field, station, dock and other outdoor applications are expected to usher in a burst of growth.

2. LED Lighting Cooling Module Industry competition Pattern

(1) LED lighting cooling market participation in the main competition relationship

LED lighting cooling market participants mainly include raw materials suppliers such as aluminum, metal processing Factory External Association service manufacturers, finished LED lighting manufacturers cooling components Production department, professional led cooling components suppliers. 

Finished LED lighting manufacturers cooling components Production Department for the LED lighting manufacturers supporting the internal production sector, according to product design and process requirements of the organization of the production of thermal components for LED lamp manufacturers for their own use. Hardware Processing Factory External Association service manufacturers mainly engaged in metal processing business, providing cooling module middleware products. Professional thermal Components supplier is with the LED lighting industry specialization in the Division of labor, for the finished product LED lighting manufacturers to provide a full set of thermal components or cooling solutions.

End-product LED lighting manufacturers Cooling components Production department and professional thermal components suppliers have a certain competitive relationship. Metal Processing Factory External Association service manufacturers and other market participants mainly for the cooperative relationship, however, in some of the low cooling requirements, the relatively simple process of subdivision products, it may also be used as a factory to the LED lighting manufacturers to provide cooling components finished product, so with the finished product LED lighting manufacturers cooling component production departments and professional cooling component suppliers also exist a certain competitive relationship.

(2) Competition situation of the industry

LED lighting applications and cooling technology needs different, so that LED lighting cooling components industry presents different competitive characteristics.

small power LED lighting heat dissipation components industry competition

Small power LED lighting products with small power consumption, low calorific value, mainly rely on the radiator shell heat dissipation. Engaged in small-power LED lighting products lamp shell processing of lighting or metal processing enterprises a large number of production is more decentralized, with large-scale supply capacity of the number of enterprises less. Small power LED Lighting products market penetration of the rapid increase also attracted a large number of home workshop-type enterprises into the field of small power LED lamps processing, exacerbated the industry competition. At present, small power LED lighting radiator components industry Most of the enterprise technology is not high, the manufacturing process is relatively backward, but also on the design of lighting cooling, product quality is not high, such enterprises are mainly involved in low-end products competition.

high power LED lighting cooling Module Industry competition

High-power LED lighting product variety specifications are rich, mainly as traditional metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other lighting sources of energy-saving alternatives, is currently in the market introduction period.

In the market, the power of single chip LED light source is usually around 1-5w, the light output is only hundreds of lumens, and the LED is really applied to public places such as road lighting, LED light flux must reach thousands of or even tens of thousands of lumens, such a high amount of optical output can not be achieved through a single chip, so in LED lighting applications, in order to achieve the corresponding lighting requirements, the formation of two main types of lamps. One kind is the array type LED lamp, it uses the combination matrix structure lamp design idea, the multiple single chip LED light source is arranged in a matrix form to form a large light-emitting panel; the other is integrated LED lighting, mainly using multiple chip integrated LED light source, it will be more than one led chip assembled on the same metal substrate, to meet the needs of public lighting brightness. 

Two types of LED lighting structure because of the different layout of LED chip, in the distribution of light curves, occupancy space and cooling technology requirements vary. Array-type LED lamps have a large luminous area and are limited in use, and are now used in lighting fields such as street lamps and tunnel lights. Because of the relatively low heat dissipation technology requirements, technology implementation is relatively simple, some large-scale LED lamps manufacturers and professional LED lighting radiator components manufacturers have technical strength, more intense competition.

Integrated LED lighting is easy to light distribution, light efficiency management, its lighting effect and traditional light source is closer, wide application, is a high-power LED lighting in the future direction of development, but the cooling technology requirements compared to array-type high-power LED lamps higher, heat dissipation problem is difficult to solve, the development of a certain limit. The solution of thermal problem is integrated high-power LED lighting products to promote the use of the prerequisite, the technical threshold is higher, the current master of integrated high-power LED lighting cooling technology and solutions of the number of enterprises, to provide heat-related products and services, the number of enterprises is less, the overall level of competition is low.

It is expected that with the progress of thermal technology and popularization, high-power LED lighting market explosion, into high-power LED lighting in the field of heat dissipation will increase, competition will become increasingly fierce.