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Apple is expected to break the OLED monopoly.

Jul 25, 2017

In order to break the long-standing OLED panel supply by Samsung Monopoly situation, rumored Apple to purchase the Korean Equipment Factory sunic system OLED evaporation machine, in China's Taiwan Research and Development Center to build flexible OLED research and development line. At present, the market is the Japanese business Canon Tokki monopoly, and Samsung cooperation close, if Sunic system console test smoothly, is expected to break canon Tokki and Samsung monopolistic OLED equipment situation.

Japanese equipment supplier Canon Tokki almost exclusively the global OLED evaporation equipment, and Canon Tokki and Samsung cooperation Close, this year, Samsung got 5 equipment, LGD to 2 units, as for the mainland of Beijing, the east more than 1. Industry view that, Canon Tokki equipment precision is higher, Apple also designated its iphone panel must use Canon Tokki's steam plating machine.

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LGD because the Canon Tokki machine, so also buy sunic system of the steam plating machine, but did not pass the Apple certification. But LGD has begun to produce OLED panels, shipments to millet, but also in August will start to supply to Google. It is understood that next year Canon Tokki will build 10 OLED steam plating machine, Samsung has ordered 5 units, at present LGD and Beijing east are robbing the machine station.

Since both the production capacity and technology are limited to Samsung and Canon Tokki, Apple has purchased the Sunic system Steam-plating machine and developed a flexible OLED research and development line in Taiwan's research and Development center.

The industry pointed out that Apple in Taiwan Research and Development Center to develop optoelectronic forward-looking technology, such as the recent topic of micro led, as well as the popular OLED are currently ongoing research and development projects.

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Apple Watch uses a flexible OLED panel, the incoming iphone is also the first to use OLED panels, the 2018-year-old iphone new opportunity to fully use OLED panel, in order to avoid the key panel technology and supply are subject to Samsung, Apple is also actively developing flexible OLED technology, and with a number of panels factory cooperation.

Korea panel factory in the OLED panel technology and capacity layout ahead, the Japanese panel factory is still in the technology development phase. JDI hands joled, put into the development of printing OLED technology. As for Sharp, although the previous Hon Hai vowed to shout absolutely will not be absent in the OLED market, but the release of sharp in the OLED layout of the slowdown, focus on the current ipad and Mac book are used in the IGZO panel.

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