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Surface OLED has great potential

Jul 25, 2017

Since April 2016, Corning, a global leader in special glass and ceramic materials, has been working with Oledworks, the US OLED light engine and panel manufacturing company. On their first cooperation show, both sides launched a surface OLED panel

The flexible OLED panel uses an OLED technology from Corning, a flex glass, and a oledworks company called Willowglass. Since then, Corning and Oledworks continue to increase cooperation. And the technology is getting better.

led waterproof panel light.jpg

The following is an interview with Dipak Chowdhury, vice president of Corning OLED lighting. He explained how Corning made Willowglass more flexible. He explained the rigid aluminum as an example. If you can make the rigid aluminum thin enough, you can bend it. And so is the glass. "We just make it thinner, as it gets thinner and more pliable," Dipak says. ”

One of the questions involved in interviewing Dipak is "what is the purpose of a curved OLED lamp?"

He pointed out that in order to make the appearance of light curved, and try to hide the light source, so that the overall appearance more beautiful, while preventing glare, the industry invested a lot of money. Dipak said that although early LEDs looked like our familiar lights and incandescent bulbs, the recently introduced LED lights were not limited to looking like bulbs.

He points out that early led holiday lights are a curved lamp that you can bend at will. However, you can see a single light on each of the lights. This led string can be bent around almost any object, thereby highlighting the architectural features of the room and buildings.

UL led panel lights.jpg

On the other hand, OLEDs is more suitable for flat surfaces and does not require a flexible mirror to prevent glare.

What happens if you can combine the flexibility of the LED lamp string with the flatness of the OLED panel?

Dipak said the ability would allow designers to transform light into a more ideal surface shape in conventional lighting. In other words, flexible OLED lamps have great design potential

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