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Light quality should be the pursuit of LED lighting enterprises

Jul 25, 2017

With the change of the times, LED lighting industry technology progress is also rapid development, and in the discussion of the popularity of LED lighting, light efficiency is no longer constrained, cost-effective is promoted to the extreme, penetration rate to the highest level of history. With the increase of consumption level, the promotion of light quality has become the biggest topic in the market.

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As we all know, the demand for LED light source is no longer just the pursuit of a simple "light", but through the "light" choice to create an ideal atmosphere and environment, such as in different lighting application scenarios, lighting designers through the "light" of the display, color temperature, colors and other characteristics of the choice to make the corresponding design, and eventually led light source lighting products to create a warm, comfortable and happy light environment.

Development of Crystal General manager Liu Xiuren in the daily led interview, said, "continuous innovation to create high-quality LED light source is the development of crystal targets, and high-quality light source must start from the source, the development of crystal has a high luminous effect of the epitaxial tablets, coupled with wafer chip and packaging technology, to effectively implement the vertical integration of LED. ”

"Chip + package" LED vertical integration

It is reported that the development of crystal positioning in the "LED overall solution provider", 2012 began to put into the field of packaging, has been built dozens of leading led epitaxial chip production line and led packaging production line. In China's electronics and Crystal Yuan photoelectric support, the MOCVD scale of more than 100 units, the monthly supply of 2-inch epitaxial wafer up to 500,000 tablets, is China's leading wafer manufacturers. Through the wholly-owned acquisition of the United States (Bridgelux), the use of its leading-edge chip, packaging technology, the rapid development and manufacture of LED packaging, and the use of the United States Bridgelux and China Electronics "Sinotron" brand, the establishment of multi-level sales channels.

The development of crystal through the "Chip + package" form to distinguish the other domestic chip manufacturers, its business scope covers led wafer, chip, package module, lighting applications and other industrial chain links (materials + chip + epitaxial wafer + encapsulation + technology + patent), with rapid response, the overall supply chain low cost advantage.

Bridgelux launched the Global patent protection products

It is reported that in 2016, the development of crystal in the completion of the U.S. Bridgelux acquisition, not only quickly promoted Bridgelux COB product light efficiency, the introduction of the seventh generation COB products, while the industry's first launch of the global brand--the global patent Protection SMD2835 full range, including 0.2W 3V, 0.5W 3V and 1W 9V of very high cost-effective products.


COB Commercial Shop Lighting market, by cooperating with the American Center for Lighting research, Class A, defined by the behavioral science method, is a people-oriented, high Color region index (GAI), High color indicator (CRI), high quality light color LED light source, really for the store lighting play a finishing touch.

Also, some special color point products for different application scenarios to create and render the same atmosphere and environment, showcase 3000K to LED light source technology, to create traditional ceramic metal halide lighting atmosphere, Street&landmark let you get back to the high pressure sodium lamp street lamp memory, night home is no longer a cold feeling (basic all LED street lamps are using high color temperature led, give a person a kind of high cool vision), at the same time this product is also very suitable for building facades of the projection light lighting , creating a very magnificent visual effect. Especially some ancient Chinese buildings. Bridgelux also has a series of special color point products for different scenes, such as culinary (Meat & Deli), which are suitable for red meat or lobster lighting, and the studio has been very suitable for the specialty of ceramic product lighting.

The package market continues to be large

Nowadays, the LED industry is moving rapidly to China, White LED chip industry Center to the domestic transfer, China led chip manufacturers of the market accounted for more than 70% of the share; Global packaging capacity is accelerating to China, and China's packaging capacity will continue to grow.

According to relevant data, 2016 China led packaging market scale from 2015 to 64.4 billion yuan to 73.7 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 14%. In the middle, domestic packaging enterprises have occupied the dominant position of the Chinese market

"In the past two years, the international led large parts of the business in succession to exit the Chinese lighting market, which also brings more development space for domestic enterprises, but also development of crystal development opportunities." Liu Xiuren said that the overall development trend of the packaging industry is to improve energy efficiency, color enhancement, dimming and intelligent lighting, market segments of the four directions.

Liu Xiuren Frankly, "if the enterprise wants to large, in addition to the pursuit of product quality, capacity is also very important part." Therefore, the enterprise to the industrial supply chain integration is the inevitable process. ”

It is reported that the development of crystal currently in smd2835/3030 and 5050 capacity has reached the level of 1000KK per month, cob product monthly production capacity also reached 3KK.

The quality of light becomes the pain point of the next lighting marke

At present, LED lighting in the field of outdoor lighting, or commercial lighting, all with astonishing speed penetration. With the emergence and emergence of cob and power LED, LED lighting applications are also more and more extensive, but the accompanying, also let LED lighting into a melee.

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"Any commodity will only change based on consumer preferences, the process of changing market demand, as well as the prospective insight and change of production enterprises, is no doubt that the change from light efficiency to light quality is an upgrade of the LED industry, and the impact on the industry is obviously positive. Liu Xiuren mentioned.

In recent years, we have been paying more and more attention to the improvement of light quality, mainly on the following aspects:

First, the information developed, the understanding and application of lighting accelerated the integration with the international, advanced lighting requirements are passed

Second, the domestic lighting designers of the growing team, designers of the requirements of light changes in the lighting enterprise light requirements and function changes.

Third, the homogeneity of the serious, the transition of vicious competition, so that some of the enterprises have the courage to shoulder the lighting quality, light quality product responsibility and social responsibility.

Four, over the years, the domestic accumulation of a large number of common functional space lighting standards, not only the lighting designers pay attention to, interior designers, architects, planners and owners, consumers are paying attention to the rationality of lighting and standard requirements.

V. The improvement of people's living standard, the further individuation and subdivision of the lighting space function, the designer's suggestion, the promotion of the lighting enterprise, the owner has more objective visual, psychological, physiological and other light quality requirements.

Liu Xiuren stressed, "in the future, we will see more and more enterprises, not just the production of lighting products, not just stare at the individual parameters of the product, but can be based on from production to demand the entire realization of the value chain, to think about how to improve the quality of light." 

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