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Lighting energy-saving renovation company tells the restaurant lighting design requirements

Jul 26, 2017

Restaurant lighting design for the creation of a good dining environment is essential, a good restaurant lighting effect can increase appetite, to obtain a comfortable dining environment, so that people eat more enjoyable, comfortable, then the restaurant lighting design in the end how to do?

Lighting design creates a sense of space and makes people feel the impression of the restaurant, which is good or bad. Secondly, in terms of function, the focus of lighting design is to show the quality of dishes and wines. Some restaurant lighting using improper light source, so that the perception of food changes, especially change the color of the wine. In pubs and restaurants, it is important to create different atmospheres and moods on different occasions. Bright environment will make people full of vitality, while the dark environment is relaxed, quiet, romantic, the atmosphere is more popular at midnight, especially when dining out in the restaurant decoration, commonly used lamps have several kinds, the tube lamp is one of them.

The tube lamp is one kind of caliber small, and inserts the human ceiling the lamp, its biggest characteristic is the appearance is concise, the concealment is strong, is not easy to arouse people's attention. In the restaurant lighting, alone to use it can be very good overall lighting, you can also along the wall of the tube lamp and the center of the fluorescent lamp to combine the overall lighting of the restaurant, at this time, not only can get uniform overall lighting, but also to strengthen the decorative wall lighting. In the selection of the lamp, the first is the color temperature of the lamp, followed by the color rendering, and again the size of the lamp.

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In the lighting design of the restaurant, regardless of the degree of illumination, it is advisable to choose a low color Wen Guangyuan (using a mixed lighting style of the restaurant, can be high color temperature of the general lighting and low color temperature of local lighting collocation). At night, people are accustomed to sitting around a warm campfire to communicate and rest, at which time they will be in low frequency breathing, relaxing and comfortable body mechanism. Restaurants are generally to create a comfortable and warm dining environment, in order to adapt to the human habit of the formation of long ago, we'd better choose the light source of warm.

In this way, not only in the room will form a warm and pleasant atmosphere, from the transparent glass windows overflowing warm light and lively dining crowd to form a touching picture, but also to attract pedestrians on the road to dine. By contrast, the use of white light and cold white lights of the restaurant, how many people a lonely, bleak impression. Of course, the low color temperature light source is also a choice range, according to the light color of the light source, the color temperature between 2500 and 4300K light source is we can choose.

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In addition to the color temperature of the lamp, its color rendering is another important indicator of the dining room's purchase. In order to make the color of food and drink lifelike, the light source with higher color index should be chosen. According to the design standard of building lighting, the color index RA should not be less than 80. Therefore, in the vicinity of the table local lighting, more than the use of higher color display. The high RA value of the warm lighting environment, food (such as meat, vegetables) appears to be more fresh and attractive than in the sun

Restaurant lighting design to comfort as the main principle, so that people can relax the meal, so as to achieve the original purpose of the restaurant lighting design, do not spend money, sitting under the lamp but no appetite!

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