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Outdoor Lighting Common Sense

Jul 26, 2017

Outdoor Lighting design Features

--In the city's important public buildings, monuments, commercial buildings, square sculptures, or some of the unique shape of the landmark buildings, or traffic facilities, can be used at night to beautify the lights, so that the city's night scene has a different landscape. The important public buildings, monuments, commercial buildings, square sculptures, or some unique landmarks, or traffic facilities, can be used at night to beautify the lights to make the city's night scene a different landscape.

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Design steps

1. Determine the desired lighting effect, depending on the nature of the building.

2. Choose the appropriate lighting, choose the light color, color rendering, efficiency, longevity and other factors.

3. Determining the illuminance required depends mainly on the ambient light and shade of the perimeter and the color of the exterior walls of the building.

4. Select suitable lamps and lanterns, besides considering the characteristics of light distribution, exterior, material, dustproof and waterproof grade, etc. are also the factors to be considered.

5. illuminance and number of lamps.

6. On-site commissioning after installation.

illuminance requirements for common outdoor places

Venue name

Provision of lighting area, average illuminance, square, ground, square area, 5-15, parking, ground, parking area, 5-10

Tunnel, tunnel area, 10 main road driving side, ground, driving area, 2-5, walking road, ground, pedestrian area

1-3, residential main road, ground, people's line area, 1-3, residential promenade, ground, person row area, 0.5-1

Park Road, ground, pedestrian area, 1-3

Several forms of outdoor lighting

Square lighting, medium pole lighting, courtyard lighting, low pole lighting

Square Lighting Mode (height 15m-30m)

Medium Lever Lighting (height 6m-8m)

Courtyard Lighting Mode (height 3m-6m)

Low lever Lighting (height below 1M)

Located in the prominent position of the square.

The setting should create a sense of center and become a symbol of the regional center.

High cost, easy installation and maintenance.

Requires a high level of security.

Light source for high-power high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamps.

Focus on the road wide Urban road, the second side of the road, mainly for the use of vehicles, to ensure the brightness of the road.

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No strong glare is required to interfere with the traffic sight.

The illumination is more uniform, long distance continuous configuration, depicting the beauty of the continuity of space light.

The use of high-pressure sodium lamp mainly.

Widely used in non-main carriageway of the street, pedestrian street, Commercial Street, landscape roads, parks, squares, schools, hospitals, residential districts and so on.

Requirements to ensure that the road bright at the same time, and strive to make the "light and Shadow" combination of melody, because of its low altitude, * can let people feel its existence, so must be based on the atmosphere of the environment carefully designed appearance, and has good security and preventive.

The main use of high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps or fluorescent lamps.

Not a continuous lighting method, but only in the trees or corners of the section do highlight decorative lighting.

Pay attention to the outstanding effect of light.

The main use of energy-saving lights or incandescent lamps.

Requirements for outdoor luminaires

According to the national standards of the People's Republic of China and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards, road and street lighting lamps meet the following basic requirements:

1. Structural requirements of luminaires

2. About electrical distance and electrical clearance

3. Requirements for grounding requirements

4. Requirements for external and internal wiring

5. Protection against electric shock

6, waterproof, dustproof requirements

7, about insulation resistance and electrical strength

8, about heat, fire resistance and electrical trace requirements

9, on the anti-corrosion, prevention requirements


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