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Illumination design of golf course

Jul 26, 2017

1 Golf Course Lighting Status

Modern golf originated in Scotland, the original shepherd's leisure movement because of its unique cultural connotations, lasted 500 years without decay, the more widely spread throughout the world. China's golf campaign has also been a great development, in more people to popularize, from the first golf club-Zhongshan Hot Spring Golf Club, the establishment of the domestic now has nearly 200 golf courses, golf has formed a huge industry and gathered a fast-growing consumer groups. Since 1996, the construction of the lighting stadium, there are now dozens of stadiums with night lights, more balls will seek to build a light stadium, in order to extend the operating time of the club, to provide consumers with more choices, so that people after sunset and the moonless night can enjoy the fun of golf.


Most of the existing standards for the design of sports and building lighting do not make clear the rules and requirements for golf lighting design standards, especially in China. Therefore, different lighting companies often refer to other industries lighting design experience to carry out the design of night scene lighting course, different stadium night lighting effect will have a greater difference. The author specializes in sports lighting design work, designed a large number of golf night lighting system, at the same time, has targeted a number of lighting courses, comprehensive views and professional background, in this golf course lighting design To do a basic discussion.

2 focus on golf course lighting Design

For golf course lighting design, the core of attention is certainly the effect of its lighting, including the level of illuminance, illuminance uniformity and consistency, glare on the impact of the player, spillover light on the surrounding environment. Because of the characteristics of golf itself, the different areas of the lighting requirements are different, tee, fairway, green each have different lighting requirements. The requirement of illumination level of golf course is clearly put forward in IESNA sports illumination standard.

This lighting standard was widely used by multinational lighting design companies in the early 90 golf course lighting design. However, with the improvement of people's living standard and the improvement of the level of lighting and the accumulation of experience and the continuous production of research results, the actual implementation of the design standards and this standard has a greater difference, not only the parameters have a great change, but also added some new evaluation parameters. With the experience of lighting design in the sports industry, especially in golf courses, we find that when the pitch parameters are shown in table 2 below, a good lighting effect can be achieved (grid-table and greens for calculation: 5mx5m; Fairway: 10mx10m):

It is very important to add the requirement of vertical illuminance in the actual design, it plays a key role in the ball's flight trajectory and point of view, which is one of the points to be considered in the night scenery golf, and it is the most easily overlooked place for most lighting designers.

Shenzhen Ju Hao Club golf course is the customer feedback that the domestic effect * good night scene Lighting stadium, the final detection of the illuminance parameters as shown in table 3, in the illuminance level, you can get very good lighting effect.

Glare Light golf Course lighting design must consider another focus problem, but also the player complained of a lot of problems. In sports lighting design, the criteria for defining the glare and numerical requirements are the FIFA Stadium lighting standards. The main factors that affect glare include glare control characteristics, illumination design and surrounding background of lamps.

At present, there are two ways to control the glare: the built-in glare controller and the internal and external glare controller, and the actual test shows that the internal and external combined glare controller has a better control effect on the light. For the lighting characteristics of the golf course, we use LEVEL-8 glare Controller for the table and fairway, and for the green, TLC glare Controller to better achieve the lighting control effect.

LED Linear high bay .jpg

In lighting design, the projection direction of the luminaire is considered consistent with the direction of the fairway, while the lamp rod height is not less than 15m, as far as possible on both sides of the fairway cloth rod. The distance of the lamp rod from the fairway should not exceed 7m, the lamp pole of the green place is not more than 10m from the green, at the same time choose the wide beam lamp as far as possible when the lamp is selected. The choice of pole height is also an important problem, in the fairway and tee bar to choose the lamp bar to 15m high, in order to better reduce glare, in the green place to choose the 18m lamp rod.

The impact of stadium lighting on the landscape is also an important issue to consider. Golf is a kind of leisure sports, which is close to nature, advocates the Green humanities landscape, the designer to the Lamp pole arrangement request and the stadium landscape unifies, will the lamp pole hides in the tree green matter as far as possible, away from the open area of the fairway. How to not affect the lighting effect and meet the above requirements is a difficult problem, professional and technical personnel have come up with a number of ways to solve this problem. Some of the stadium used the lifting of the hydraulic lamp rod, in the need to lift the lamp, usually the lamp rod down. But the lamp pole that can rise and fall is too complex, the reliability reduces, the cost is high, and its drop down height also will not be less than 3m, this method is quite controversial, therefore seldom uses. Alternatively, the option is to spray the lamp rod into our ideal color, so that it is consistent with the color of the stadium, this method will increase the cost, but can achieve a certain effect, is often the user's final use of the scheme.

3 Stadium lighting and light Source type selection

Because of its high luminous efficiency and good color rendering, the metal halide lamp has become the main lighting type of the golf course. At present in the stadium lighting design * Common types of lamps are 1000W, 1500W, 1800W, 2000W four types of lamps, different companies because of its lighting design principles and ideas will choose different types of lamps. The light source of the color index from 65~90, color temperature in 3700~5600k.

Theoretically speaking, these four types of lamps have their own wide range of applications, resulting in the design will have different characteristics, causing the corresponding technical controversy. Have talked about the golf course illuminance requirements, in order to meet the illuminance requirements, if the use of 1000W lamps, also means more lamps and lanterns, at the same time to achieve better uniformity and consistency, glare will also be smaller, and the use of 2000W lamps also means that a few lamps and light poles, but the uniformity will be relatively poor, glare is relatively strong. Because of the above reasons, people are more willing to use 1500W and 1800W lamps to design the golf course lighting, so not only can choose to accept the number of lamp rods and lamps, while the uniformity is good, can better control the glare.

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