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Home Lights colorful damage eyesight

Jul 27, 2017

Many families in the selection of lamps and light sources often ignore reasonable lighting needs, the lighting design into colorful, in order to romance and luxury. Not surprisingly, the colorful lights in addition to the visual harm to people, but also interfere with the brain central nervous function. Light pollution on infants and children have greater impact, strong light will weaken the eyesight of infants and children, affect the eyesight development.

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Health experts believe that the main reason for the formation of myopia is the visual environment, rather than the use of eye habits. To create environmental protection, health, energy saving and exquisite comfort of the "green light environment", in addition to aesthetic, safe, economic principles, but also to consider the following principles:

Reasonable function: According to different space, different occasions, different objects to choose different lighting methods and lamps, and ensure the appropriate illuminance and brightness.

Coordinated matching: In the selection and design of lighting and lighting, one is to consider the lighting and furniture coordination. Buy lighting, need to consider and interior decoration style and furniture style of harmony. The second is to pay attention to the lighting and room size, total area, indoor height and other conditions to coordinate, choose the size of the luminaire, type and how much. The third is to pay attention to the coordination of color, that is, cool colors, warm colors depending on the purpose.

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